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“The most dangerous place to stand in Washington D.C. is any place between Senator Josh Hawley and a live microphone” – Charles P. Pierce

Yesterday evening:

All In with Chris Hayes @allinwithchris
Hey @HawleyMO, just circling back to see if you saw the threats to school officials across the country. We made a montage for you in case you didn’t.
8:04 PM · Oct 5, 2021

Watch the video.

Some of the comments:

He’s taking this position when an out of stater charged with 260 counts of fraud, threatened Walmart pharmacists with execution & came to Hawley’s home turf to rant at the local school board meeting. [….]

It used to be that when someone’s perception of reality was this far off base he would get a trip in a special jacket so that he could not hurt himself. Now they just lie about where they live and get elected to office. [….]

Nurses in his state have to carry panic buttons. He doesn’t care.

Dude’s a traitor.

Help with with this. Is his the same Josh Hawley who called police and said he was being attacked when peaceful protestors walked in front of his house carrying signs earlier this year?

If you are expecting Hawley, or any member of the GOP, to suddenly start being intellectually honest, you will he waiting a loooong time.

@HawleyMO, we need your clarification in light of these threats. Do you support such conduct? For the record please!

If Josh took any interest in his home state, he’d know one of these “concerned parents” threatened a black admin with “something worse than lynching” this week. But he only cares about what his handlers say & his political ambitions.


Except the “MY” state should have been Virginia. Ain’t nobody in Missouri every seen him.

So embarrassing. I voted for Claire McCaskill.

so when a few people demonstrating with posters stood outside his house it was “harrassment”,but says the parents threatening the school board is ok?

Please find out how many days Josh Hawley has actually BEEN in Missouri since he was elected. Maybe he’s unaware of the real threats to individuals in Missouri since he lives in Virginia.

Good to know that Josh stands for law, order and tourism. The videos just show tourists at school board meetings.

I’m old enough to remember when Hawley was part of an insurrection.

Josh Hawley thinks this will get him elected President.

Well, there is a really low bar for his party’s nomination.

I can’t believe Hawley thinks he’s senatorial.

He does pompous ass really well.

He’s a jackass

That, too.

Josh Hawley isn’t being sincere about threats at school board meetings. The American people have SEEN the verifiable threats made to educators, in the parking lots & in their cars.
Josh, when someone says to them: “We know where you live & we’re coming for you!”
It’s a threat.

If only everyone in the world knew what a lying, disingenuous, piece of shit he was before he was elected.
Oh wait, we did. Yet there’s enough partisan idiots in Missouri to put him in a position of power. Good work dumbasses

If Josh Hawley clutched those pearls any harder, he’d turn them into diamonds

Hawley knows exactly what he is doing, get these right wingers amped up so that they get themselves arrested. Keep playing that dog whistle.

So out of line. He knows, he is just an opportunist.


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