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Gaslighting is Josh Hawley’s (r) core value.

In November, 2020:

Senator Hawley Press Office @SenHawleyPress
NEW — Senator Josh Hawley has written to Acting Secretary of Defense Miller in support
‘s plan for the prompt withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan.

“The time has come to end the war in Afghanistan.”
9:46 AM · Nov 17, 2020

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

This afternoon:

Josh Hawley@HawleyMO
To say that today’s loss of American lives in Kabul is sickening does not begin to do justice to what has happened. It is enraging. And Joe Biden is responsible. It is now clear beyond all doubt that he has neither the capacity nor the will to lead. He must resign
3:30 PM · Aug 26, 2021

Some of the responses:

You know we can read your other tweets where you blame him for not leaving sooner, right?

Gaslighters depend on you not noticing that detail.

I missed your demand for the Former Guy to resign after Niger.

How did ISIS attack our troops when tRump defeated them 100%?

Sorry. You wanted us out on May 1, which DOD felt was impossible to meet. You don’t get to complain that things went downhill in August.

if I say “this you?” with multiple pictures of you raising your fist “in solidarity” with insurrectionists on January 6, will I be detained at JFK and accused of anti-American activities, that’s the question.

You should sit this one out, insurrectionist.


OK, Senator Military Expert who lives in Virginia. What should Biden have done differently?

Did Trump leave him his exit plan?

Remember the 16 Republicans who voted against Afghan interpreters getting visas to come back earlier? We do.

Maybe sit this one out

You previously attacked Biden for not leaving earlier

Hows this make you sick? 11/21/20

No sweetie. ISIS is responsible. We’ve evacuated 104 THOUSAND people in record time. Too bad he were the boy who sat on the last row in class and didn’t pay attention.

Sit this one out, Hawley and let the adults handle it

Guess who negotiated this shitty deal? Trump and Pompeo. Guess who let out 5,000 Taliban despite the Afghanistan gov asking him not to? Trump. Guess who stabbed the Kurds in the back leading to 1,000 ISIS fighters escaping? Trump.

What’s really shameful is your politicization of this tragedy, senator. There is plenty of blame to pass around, including the previous three presidents. This is a time to mourn the dead, Americans and Afghans, and commit to helping everyone who wants out of Afghanistan.

Unsurprisingly, there seems to be a disparity with your opinion last year.

Maybe make these two separate statements to avoid appearing like you are using the deaths of American service members for politics?

It’s in his nature.

On April 13 of this year, you called for Biden to withdraw the troops. Which is it??

And the Kurds are not able to be reached for comment

Who let Afghani leadership out of prison – some 5000 people – to appease the Taliban and Putin?

Sorry, what was that? I couldn’t hear you. I was reading this letter by a Missouri Senator about his expressed support to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

Ad on and on.


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