We cover government and politics in Missouri and the region.

Show Me Progress LLC was founded in August 2007 in association with the Fifty State Blog Project. The blog operated on the Soapblox platform from 2007 to October 2015 with over 10,500 posts in that period.

From August 1, 2007 to October 1, 2015 we had 493,874 users, 884,497 sessions, and 1,737,838 page views. Not bad, eh, for an enterprise held together with spit, baling wire and duct tape?

You might note our archives (from August 2007 to September 2015). One person didn’t write all those posts. Due to the vagaries of data transfer from one platform to another the system didn’t allow for the transfer of those author names with the posts. Seriously, we were lucky to get the archives migrated over in a usable format. If it’s any consolation we do have the posting statistics from the Soapblox era. Our top ten posters and the number of posts in that eight year period:

Michael Bersin 5288
WillyK 1061
hotflash 1060
Clark 604
–Blue Girl 462
RBH 331
sarah jo 107
ashriver 91
bpenrose 80
Byron DeLear 73

We miss the old Soapblox platform – it’s a nostalgia thing. It was well suited to our role as “foul mouthed vituperative bloggers on the left.” This site, too, serves our purposes well.

We’ve never really run a blog fundraiser. If you’re so inclined you can click on the PayPal “make a donation” button at the foot of the main page (way at the bottom!). Here’s the thing, we don’t want you sacrificing the rent money or food for your family. If you want to toss a pizza’s worth of coin our way to celebrate thirteen years of continuous smart assery and to help keep the lights on at this location, thanks. But let’s do keep it modest.

We’re not leaving this blogging thing anytime soon. We’ll continue to work toward our goals of afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted. Or, as some might characterize it, as vicious little ankle biters. We’re all good with that.

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  1. If I’d like to post a profile about my congressional candidacy how and where do I do that please? thanks, BIll

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