Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D): the republican Senate Trumpcare bill is devastating for almost everyone


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Well, except for the one percent getting a huge tax cut and rebate. Think of it as redistributing the wealth, upward.

Representative Emanuel Cleaver (D) [2017 file photo].

Yesterday, via Facebook:

Emanuel Cleaver II
Today the Senate released it’s devastating #TrumpCare bill. Written by 12 men in a back room, one week before the vote, with no hearing or public input. But I don’t want to talk about the lack of transparency or undemocratic process this bill has gone through in the Senate, I want to talk about the harmful impact it will have on America’s most vulnerable citizens. This bill, as written, will hurt seniors, women, veterans, working families, rural communities, and people with pre-existing conditions. It defunds Planned Parenthood, steals from Medicare, and guts Medicaid. It does away with essential health benefits, taking us back to the days where being a woman was considered a pre-existing condition. The only people it won’t hurt are healthy Americans and wealthy Americans. That’s because this is not a health bill at all. It is a tax bill meant to slash taxes for the wealthiest in our nation, all at the expense of our most disabled and disadvantaged. Please share if you agree that this bill should not pass the Senate. Please know that I will continue to fight for healthcare for ALL Americans and together we can stop this monstrous bill from becoming law.

Planned Parenthood #PinkOut in Kansas City – June 21, 2017


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Last night in midtown Kansas City well over a hundred supporters of Planned Parenthood, most dressed in pink, demonstrated in support of women’s health care on Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard. This was one of many #PinkOut actions across the country.

The demonstration lasted over an hour until sunset.

In front of Planned Parenthood on Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard in Kansas City – June 21, 2017.


“These doors stay open.”

“I stand with Planned Parenthood.”

Toward the end of the demonstration the occupants of a passing car stopped in the street and joined in.

Dancing in the street.

“…Healthcare for Women.”

Women are leading the resistance.

Talking about health care…


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At noon a dozen constituents stopped by Senator Claire McCaskill’s (D) Kansas City office (in Westport) to share their concerns about Trumpcare with the senator’s staff.

“Dissent is patriotic” – gathering in front of Senator Claire McCaskill’s Kansas City office.

The group was organized by Indivisible KC. At noon they were ushered into a conference room with Brook Balantine, Senator Mccaskill’s Deputy Regonal Director, who took notes and answered questions. The meeting lasted an hour.

Brook Balantine, Deputy Regional Director for Senator Claire McCaskill (D).

Individuals offered their personal health care stories and shared their concerns about Trumpcare and the Trumpcare iteration still working its way secretly through the republican controlled U.S. Senate.

They told Senator McCaskill’s staff that they expect and trust that she will actively oppose Trumpcare and its devastating impact on the health care and health care access for millions of Americans.

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Campaign Finance: slowly but surely


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Yesterday at the Missouri Ethics Commission, from organized labor for the initiative to repeal “right to get paid less”:

C171127 06/19/2017 We Are Missouri Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 562 Political Education Fund 12385 Larimore Rd St Louis MO 63138 6/19/2017 $20,000.00

C171127 06/19/2017 We Are Missouri Missouri AFL-CIO Special Registration 227 Jefferson Street Jefferson City MO 65101 6/19/2017 $50,000.00

[emphasis added]

Working people.


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