JD Leathers (D) – candidate in the 4th Congressional District – Boone County – June 6, 2021


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“…It’s time to have an advocate in Congress from our district – someone who grew up in this district, who’s proud to be from this district, and who will come back, not just to campaign…”

JD Leathers (D) – candidate in the 4th Congressional District.

The Boone County Democratic Central Committee held a picnic fundraiser in Cosmo-Bethel Park yesterday afternoon in Columbia.

JD Leathers, a candidate in the 4th Congressional District, addressed the crowd:

…We need people that we can believe in that inspire us and we need people who are one of us, who know our own struggles. I came from a decent, good family. But we struggled my whole life, like nearly everyone does. It’s a common struggle and that need to change. It should not be a struggle just to get to the age of twenty, to get to the age of forty, to get to retirement. It shouldn’t be a struggle. We’re all struggling [….] It’s not pull yourself, it’s pull up all of us. We’re a community, we’re a village, we’re a family…

JD Leathers (D) – candidate in the 4th Congressional District.


Boone County Democrats – Picnic in the Park – Columbia, Missouri – June 6, 2021 (June 6, 2021)

Rep. David Tyson Smith (D-45) – Boone County Democrats – June 6, 2021


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“…Not only are these bills [in the General Assembly] oppressive, but a lot of them are absurd…”

Missouri Representative David Tyson Smith (D-45).

The Boone County Democratic Central Committee held a picnic fundraiser in Cosmo-Bethel Park yesterday afternoon in Columbia.

Missouri Representative David Tyson Smith (D-45).

State Representatives David Tyson Smith (D-45) addressed the crowd:

…The Republicans have realized that if everybody votes they can’t win. Okay. That’s a reality. They know that if everybody votes they can’t win elections. And so they’ve been using the Trump lie, about the stolen election, to justify these outrageous bills that they’re trying to move through the legislature…

Missouri Representative David Tyson Smith (D-45).


Boone County Democrats – Picnic in the Park – Columbia, Missouri – June 6, 2021 (June 6, 2021)

Boone County Democrats – Picnic in the Park – Columbia, Missouri – June 6, 2021


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The Boone County Democratic Central Committee held a picnic fundraiser in Cosmo-Bethel Park this afternoon in Columbia. It was warm and humid, still with an occasional breeze.

Approximately 100 individuals attended. Four U.S. Senate candidates and one candidate in the 4th Congressional worked the crowd and then spoke as part of the program. State Representatives David Tyson Smith (D-45) and Martha Stevens (D-46) also addressed those in attendance.

Scott Sifton (D) – candidate for U.S. Senate.


Gabe Meyer.

“End gun violence.”

Tim Shepard (D) – candidate for U.S. Senate.

Missouri Representative David Tyson Smith (D-45).

Jewel Kelly (D) – candidate for U.S. Senate.

“Shut up about the horse race…”

Uh, yep.

“The future is female.”

It certainly is.

State Auditor Nicole Galloway (D): not seeking reelection in 2022


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State Auditor Nicole Galloway (D) [2019 file photo].

State Auditor Nicole Galloway has announced she will not be seeking reelection in 2022:

Nicole Galloway @nicolergalloway
Serving Missourians has been the honor of my life. I’ve been humbled by your support and I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity it has given me. Today I am announcing that I will not be a candidate for State Auditor nor any other office in 2022. [….]
9:40 AM · Jun 4, 2021

State Auditor Nicole Galloway (D) [2019 file photo].

For an audience of one


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“If your brains were condensed into gasoline it wouldn’t be enough to run a minibike around the inside of a [national name brand circular oat based breakfast cereal]” – a junior high school insult from way back in the day.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt (r):

Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
President Trump will never get enough credit for #OperationWarpSpeed. His leadership saved untold millions of lives! #COVID19
4:50 PM · Jun 3, 2021

Some of the responses:

This, of course, is bullshit. In February, he told Woodward how dangerous covid-19 and did not support the wearing of masks. He NEVER talked about getting the vaccine. He did not leave a plan to distributing the vaccine nor ramping up its manufacture.

His leadership on #COVID19 is why he lost the election.


His leadership lost almost 600,000 Americans by claiming covid was a hoax. His leadership consisted of having MAGA rallies in the midst of the pandemic. His leadership made mask political. His leadership was to lead America with lies that killed Americans. His leadership 1-6-21!

Perhaps it’s because he is too busy getting credit for hundreds of thousands of lives lost due to his constant dismissal and down playing of the virus. And let’s not forget his potentially lethal suggestion of injecting bleach over getting a vaccine.

“It’s amazing that brain can generate enough power to keep those legs moving.”

Yes please tell me more about how he did a great job with Covid, Eric.

Eric, please stop.

Yet he claimed COVID would “disappear.” It’s a fact Eric Schmitt won’t make clear. Donald’s vast negligence makes just as little sense as the unfounded claims people hear the AG lob against 46; just a few of his usual tricks.

400,000 people couldn’t be reached for comment. Because they died from COVID on Trump’s watch. You should stick to feckless lawsuits. Health metrics ain’t your jam.

Give us one concrete example of how he didn’t ignore or dissuade or put up road blocks to reduce the massive unnecessary deaths caused. He admitted he lied to calm people down when he knew it was bad. How you are in office amazes me.

You sound so ridiculous


How are you so delusional?

Tweeting for an audience of one, now? How many people have died now because of his incompetence and stupidity?

Speaking of incompetence and stupidity, have you won a case yet as AG?

His “leadership” cost us half a million lives, bub. Go sue somebody for some ridiculous reason.

Wait. What…?? You’re such a pathetic, ignorant moron. Just stop.

Guess you’re trying to distract us from pulling back your latest political stunt in STL County?

By the way, after you stop this nonsense, are you going to say ANYTHING about Trump’s claim he will be reinstated in August?

Will you file a lawsuit with the Supreme Court calling for that reinstatement?

Bad combover. Check. Too long red tie. Check. Orange spray tan. Check. Tiny hands. Check. Cluelessness. Check…

I’ve been giving credit to Dolly Parton.



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Jason Kander (D) [2017 file photo].

This afternoon:

Jason Kander @JasonKander
People keep asking whether certain Democratic Senators can vote to save democracy and still get re-elected.

Of course they can. But even if they can’t, so the fuck what?

Some things are worth losing over!
3:58 PM · Jun 3, 2021

Exactly this.


Secretary of State Jason Kander (D): at the opening of the legislative session (January 4, 2017)

Don’t mess with the mayors


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Right wingnut members of the Missouri General Assembly held a photo-op outside of their districts, without including the members of the General Assembly who actually represent that area.

The mayors of St. Louis and Kansas City had something to say about it.

St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones [2019 file photo].

Mayor Tishaura O. Jones, Mayor Quinton Lucas Release Joint Statement Regarding Proposed Special Session
Mayor Jones, Mayor Lucas Joint Statement on Special Session.

June 2, 2021 [….]

St. Louis Mayor Tishaura O. Jones and Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas today released the following joint statement regarding Republican state lawmakers’ calls for a special session related to police funding:

“Today’s grandstanding doesn’t make our communities any safer. As mayors of Missouri’s two largest cities, we are committed to collaborating with anyone willing to offer real solutions and investment to address the underlying conditions that lead to crime—poverty, lack of mental health services, housing instability, and more.

“Republican lawmakers on the outskirts of our communities calling for a special legislative session are offering no real solutions. Instead, they are advocating away the right of St. Louis and Kansas City residents to make decisions for our own communities.

“Both of us have committed to visiting each other’s respective cities to speak with those most affected by disinvestment—primarily in traditionally minority neighborhoods—and to discuss solutions to benefit the people of St. Louis, Kansas City, and all of Missouri. We again extend that same invitation to any elected leader who is serious about having truthful conversations about what actually makes our communities safer.”

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas [2019 file photo].

Local control is apparently not a right wingnut value in Missouri.

HB 1413 (2018): All that labor


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Today, from the Missouri Supreme Court:

“The exemption of public safety labor organizations violates principles of equal protection. The exemption of public safety labor organizations permeates throughout HB 1413 and reaches all provisions. The operation of this exemption forces this Court to declare HB 1413 void in its entirety rather than sever the offending provision. The circuit court’s judgment is affirmed.”

Void. In. Its. Entirety.

In 2018 HB 1413 was introduced as this:


This bill prohibits any sum from being withheld from the earnings of a public employee for the payment of any portion of dues, agency shop fees, or other fees paid by public employee members of a public labor organization or a public employee who is a nonmember except upon the annual written or electronic authorization of the employee.

A public labor organization is prohibited from using or obtaining any portion of dues, agency shop fees, or any other fees paid by member and nonmember public employees to make political campaign contributions or expenditures unless it obtains a written or electronic authorization from the member or nonmember within the previous 12 months.

Failure to provide any written or electronic authorization shall not be a condition of employment.

This bill further requires public labor organizations to maintain financial records, identical to those required by federal law (29 U.S.C. 431(b)), for no less than five years. Each report required under this section must be made available to employees in a searchable electronic format. If a public labor organization fails to make the reports available to an employee, that employee will have a cause of action against the organization.

This bill is the same as HB 251 (2017).

And it morphed and was approved as this:


This bill makes various changes to the laws regarding public employees, public employee labor organizations, and labor agreements between those labor organizations and public bodies. However, public safety labor organizations, and employees of the Department of Corrections are exempted from the bill’s provisions (Section 105.503, RSMo).

The bill provides that no sum shall be withheld from a public employee’s earnings to pay dues or other fees to a public labor organization without annual authorization. Labor organizations are required to maintain financial records substantially similar to federal law, and must make the records available to employees in a searchable electronic format (Section 105.505).

The bill requires labor organizations to adopt a constitution and bylaws and file a copy with the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, along with a report containing specified information about the organization. Labor organizations are also required to annually file a report detailing the organization’s financial condition and operations. The financial report shall be in an electronic, readily accessible format available to its members (Section 105.533).

This bill requires every officer and employee of a labor organization to annually file a report listing any legal or equitable interest, income, or transaction the person, his or her spouse, or minor child received or derived from a labor organization or public body with employees that the labor organization represents or is seeking to represent (Section105.535).

The reports and documents filed with the department under the provisions of this bill are public records. The department must allow for the inspection and examination of the reports and documents, as specified in the bill, and furnish copies upon payment of the service (Section 105.540).

Each person required to file a report shall maintain, for at least five years, sufficient records to verify the information contained in the report. Each labor organization shall file a report within 90 days of becoming subject to the provisions of this bill, and people required to file reports shall file such reports within 90 days after the end of each fiscal year (Sections 105.545 and 105.550).

Any person who knowingly violates certain provisions of the bill related to the required reports or files a false report is subject to a fine or imprisonment of not more than a year (Section 105.555).

The bill provides that supervisory public employees, as defined in the bill, shall not be included in the same bargaining unit as the public employees they supervise and that the same labor organization shall not represent both non-supervisory and supervisory public employees (Section 105.570).

Recognition may only be obtained by a labor organization through an election before the State Board of Mediation. Voluntary recognition by a public body is prohibited. An election by secret ballot will be held after the board is presented with cards containing signatures of at least 30% of the employees in the bargaining unit.

The bill specifies the ballot language to be used for the selection of a labor organization as the exclusive representative for the bargaining unit. More than 50% of all public employees within the bargaining unit must vote positively to certify the labor organization as the exclusive representative. However, public employees of the bargaining unit may seek to decertify the labor organization at any time with a subsequent election provided that the board is presented with signed cards representing at least 30% of the employees in the bargaining unit. If more than 50% of the bargaining unit votes to decertify the labor organization then it shall no longer be recognized as the exclusive representative.

Labor organizations must be recertified every three years. No more than one election shall take place in any bargaining unit within a 12-month period. The board shall collect a fee from each labor organization participating in an election (Section 105.575).

Within eight weeks of a certification election, the labor organization shall meet and begin bargaining with representatives of the public body. No labor organization shall refuse to meet with the representatives of the public body.

Bargaining for renewal agreements shall take place triennially, provided that those labor agreements must be subject to certain limitations. Such limitations include management reserving the right to hire, discipline, and discharge employees; reserving the right to make and amend reasonable work rules; prohibiting all strikes and picketing; extending the duty of fair representation to all employees of the bargaining unit; prohibiting labor
organization employees from accepting paid time by a public body for conducting labor organization business with certain exceptions; and providing for the modification of the agreement in the event of a budget shortfall (Sections 105.580 and 105.585).

A labor organization, or associated representative, or public body, or associated representative, that violates the provisions of this bill is subject to a civil action for appropriate relief, including injunctive relief. Attorneys’ fees shall be awarded for the enforcement of the provisions of this bill (Section 105.595).

The provisions of the bill shall apply to personal care attendants and their labor organizations, as well as all officers and employees of such organizations (Section 208.862)

Ah, piling on.

The Missouri Supreme Court today:

…The State’s argument in favor of severance of the exemption is illogical in that the result would make public labor law reform applicable to public safety labor organizations, which the legislature specifically excluded. The exemption is not concerned with a singular provision or aspect of the bill; rather, it provides an exemption from the overall statutory scheme itself, which consists of approximately 20 sections. Even without giving weight to the late addition of the exemption in the legislative process, this Court refuses to sever the exemption and make this public labor reform law applicable to public safety labor organizations when the legislature contemplated this application and intentionally crafted section 105.503.2(1) to avoid such an outcome…

The anti-labor right wingnuts in the General Assembly were just too clever.

…This Court cannot say the legislature would have enacted the valid provisions of HB 1413 without this void one. If the legislature desired to pass a scheme imposing reform provisions to all public labor organizations, it had the opportunity to do so. But it did not; it specifically provided the reform provisions would not apply to public safety labor organizations. This Court will not, by severance, leave in place legislation contrary to the legislature’s intent. By its plain language, section 105.503.2(1) is essentially and inseparably connected with all other provisions of HB 1413; therefore, HB 1413 must be declared void in its entirety…

Yep, the General Assembly was trying to be much too clever.

So, organized labor organizations are organized labor organizations. Do you wonder why that “exemption” existed in the first place?

Severability is a double edged sword.