A clean, well-lighted place

Late this afternoon in west central Missouri:

Cardinal (female). Cardinalis cardinalis [left].
House Sparrow. Passer domesticus [right foreground].
Canon 5D III, 2.8 70-200 mm., 2x III.
F 5.6, 1/400, ISO 800, 400 mm.

Cardinal (female). Cardinalis cardinalis [left].
House Sparrow. Passer domesticus [right foreground].
Canon 5D III, 2.8 70-200 mm., 2x III.
F 5.6, 1/400, ISO 800, 400 mm.

Cardinal (female). Cardinalis cardinalis [left].
House Sparrow. Passer domesticus [right foreground].
Canon 5D III, 2.8 70-200 mm., 2x III.
F 5.6, 1/400, ISO 800, 400 mm.

Russian asset


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“Россия” (Russia) – a variant of the Russian presidential flag.

This morning, from the senior United States Senator from Hawaii:

Brian Schatz @brianschatz
So, today is a good day to find out whether Senator Kennedy’s “Ukraine is the real culprit” represents the consensus position of Senate Republicans.
6:40 AM · Dec 2, 2019

They won’t answer. Vladimir Putin won’t let them.

“Make America Great Again” – in Russian.

It’s in the Constitution. You can go check.


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Bad combover. Check. Too long red tie. Check. Orange spray tan. Check. Tiny hands. Check. Cluelessness. Check…

This evening:

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
“Trump did nothing impeachable, day-by-day review of all impeachment hearing testimony shows”
7:26 PM · Nov 30, 2019

Because, of course, as explained in the Constitution the Faux News Channel is the final arbiter.

Some of the Twitter responses:

Yeap. A Fox news commentator is the final word on everything.

Propaganda TV doesn’t matter.

Looks like manbaby finally grabbed the phone back from his babysitters…. [….]

I can’t wait for you to testify.


You are a very small, insecure man.

America can see right through their phony President.

He’s baaaaack!

Nearly everything Donald John Trump involves himself in becomes corrupted. It’s as if he is the Anti-Midas.

Yeah, I’m not sure “The Deep State is out to get me” is an entirely convincing argument from a man who has already lied 13,000 times and is about to be impeached

You tried to bribe another country to interfere in our elections.

“I’m innocent.” -Every guilty criminal

Ok, Donny. But could you do me a favor though?

We see what you did there.

Well then why is he obstructing Congress and intimidating witnesses ? Why is he hiding documents ? Innocent people don’t do that.

This whole presidency, day by day, makes Trump more impeachable.

He doesn’t get to decide, Congress does. Worried?

Sure Jan.

People who have a convoluted value system and an inability to discern a difference between right and wrong will always claim they are innocent of even the most dastardly crimes.

“Faux News channel, fascist groupies” – protest sign, circa 2003- 2004.

Missouri Presidential Primary 2020 – candidate filing


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November 26, 2019 was the first day of candidate filing for the 2020 Missouri Presidential Primary:

Name Mailing Address Random Number Date Filed

Donald J Trump PO Box 13570 Arlington, VA 22219 7 11/26/2019 1:56 p.m.

Bad combover. Check. Too long red tie. Check. Orange spray tan. Check. Tiny hands. Check. Cluelessness. Check…

Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente 5440 Morehouse Drive, Suite 4000 San Diego, CA 92121 46 11/26/2019 11:22 a.m.

Name Mailing Address Random Number Date Filed

Amy Klobuchar PO Box 18360 Minneapolis, MN 55418 8 11/26/2019 8:13 a.m.

Senator Amy Klobuchar (D) [2019 file photo]

Tom Steyer PO Box 626 San Francisco, CA 94104 9 11/26/2019 11:11 a.m.

Tulsi Gabbard PO Box 75255 Kapolei, HI 96707 12 11/26/2019 8:03 a.m.

Leonard J. Steinman II 2217 W Edgewood Dr Jefferson City, MO 65109 15 11/26/2019 8:23 a.m.

Kamala Harris PO Box 86 Baltimore, MD 21203 17 11/26/2019 12:30 p.m.

Senator Kamala Harris (D) [2019 file photo].

Cory Booker PO Box 32009 Newark, NJ 07102 28 11/26/2019 1:39 p.m.

Senator Cory Booker (D [2019 file photo].

Joseph R. Biden PO Box 58174 Philadelphia, PA 19102 30 11/26/2019 8:46 a.m.

Vice President Joe Biden (D) [2014 file photo].

Elizabeth Warren PO Box 171375 Boston, MA 02117 35 11/26/2019 11:56 a.m.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) [2019 file photo].

Pete Buttigieg PO Box 1226 South Bend, IN 46624 42 11/26/2019 8:10 a.m.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D) [2019 file photo].

Bernie Sanders PO Box 391 Burlington, VT 05402 43 11/26/2019 12:04 p.m.

Senator Bernie Sanders (D) [2016 file photo].

Velma Steinman 2217 W Edgewood Dr Jefferson City, MO 65109 49 11/26/2019 8:17 a.m.

Henry Hewes 515 Madison Ave. New York, NY 10022 11/27/2019 4:11 p.m.

Well, at least we’re talking about the accessibility of higher education


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From a comment: “[….] If really rich people paid their fair share of taxes, no one would care if their kids went to free public college[.]”

From the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities:

Unkept Promises: State Cuts to Higher Education Threaten Access and Equity
October 4, 2018
by Michael Mitchell, Michael Leachman, Kathleen Masterson, Samantha Waxman

A decade since the Great Recession hit, state spending on public colleges and universities remains well below historical levels. Overall state funding for public two- and four-year colleges in the school year ending in 2018 was more than $7 billion below its 2008 level, after adjusting for inflation. (See Figure 1.) In the most difficult years after the recession, colleges responded to significant funding cuts by increasing tuition, reducing faculty, limiting course offerings, and in some cases closing campuses.

The promise to past generations of students in America has been that if you work hard and strive, public colleges and universities will serve as an avenue to greater economic opportunity and upward mobility. For today’s students — a cohort more racially and economically diverse than any before it — that promise is fading.

Rising tuition threatens affordability and access leaving students and their families –– including those whose annual wages have stagnated or fallen over recent decades — either saddled with onerous debt or unable to afford college altogether. This is especially true for students of color (who have historically faced large barriers to attending college), low-income students, and students from non-traditional backgrounds. Higher costs jeopardize not only the prospects of those individual students but also the outlook for whole communities and states, which are increasingly reliant on highly educated workforces to grow and thrive.

To build a prosperous economy — one in which the benefits of higher education are broadly shared and felt by every community regardless of race or class — lawmakers will need to invest in high-quality, affordable, and accessible public higher education by increasing funding for public two- and four-year colleges and by pursuing policies that allow more students to pursue affordable postsecondary education. By doing so, they can help build a stronger middle class and develop the entrepreneurs and skilled workers a strong state economy needs.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D) [2019 file photo].

On Twitter yesterday, directed at Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D):

Chris Geidner @chrisgeidner
Today is revealing who Pete is as clearly as anything else he’s done during this campaign, and it’s remarkably disappointing. This disingenuous BS is turning the Democratic vision of governing on its head. And both Pete and Lis know that, which makes it all the worse.

Lis Smith @Lis_Smith
If you think that a worker who didn’t go to college should pay for college for a CEO’s kid, then @PeteButtigieg isn’t your candidate. [….]

2:56 PM · Nov 29, 2019

Chris Geidner continued:

If you put Pete and Lis in the middle of any great moment of the expansion of the Democratic vision for America, today’s argument would have been not to do more and make America better, but too do less, and expect less, and be less.

All I keep doing is transporting Pete and Lis into the era of the New Deal and the Great Society and becoming more and more disappointed in this disingenuous line of attack.

A vision of providing for all—whether it be education, health care, retirement, social security, infrastructure, transit, libraries—means all. This vision of exclusion being pushed by Pete & Lis undermines the entire Dem governing argument for WHY government should provide these.

Dems arguing that those who want to provide a service to all are “paying for billionaires” is so dispiriting to see. Pete & Lis arguing for the merits of Pete’s proposal as more workable or realistic is one thing, but arguing that doing more is BAD is an awful Dem position.

It’s their argument that is turning, in my words, the Democratic vision of governing on its head — not Pete’s proposal in and of itself. That’s why I didn’t say anything about it until they decided to argue that doing more, covering all, was actually bad policy.

From Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s (D) campaign web site:

Higher Education
Freedom means access to affordable higher education.
Key Policy
Debt-free college

While higher education remains a clear pathway for much of the middle class, for too many–particularly for students of color and low-income students–those paths are littered with hurdles. We must make public college truly debt-free for lower-income families. We will do this through a state-federal partnership that makes public tuition affordable for all and completely free at lower incomes–combined with a large increase in Pell Grants that provides for basic living expenses and keeps up with inflation. Middle-income families at public colleges will pay zero tuition.

We will cancel the debts of borrowers in low-quality, overwhelmingly for-profit programs and invest $50 billion in Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Minority-Serving institutions (MSIs), which are critically important institutions that deserve more dedicated support.

Other Critical Policy Areas

Confront student loan debt
Provide more support for students entering public service
Ensure the highest degree of transparency and accountability for higher education institutions
Apply strict standards to for-profit higher education institutions

That’s all generically reassuring.

Campaign Finance: expansion


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Yesterday at the Missouri Ethics Commission:

C190918 11/27/2019 Missourians for Healthcare Community Treatment Inc 227 Main Street Festus MO 63028 11/25/2019 $12,500.00

C190918 11/27/2019 Missourians for Healthcare Missouri Primary Care Association 3325 Emerald Ln Jefferson City MO 65109 11/27/2019 $50,000.00

C190918 11/27/2019 Missourians for Healthcare Missouri Primary Care Association 3325 Emerald Ln Jefferson City MO 65109 11/27/2019 $25,000.00

[emphasis added]

They’re for Medicaid expansion in Missouri:

Missourians for Healthcare – Active
MECID: C190918
PO Box 144
Jefferson City MO, 65102
Committee Type: Campaign
Established Date: 7/26/2019
Supported/Opposed Ballot Measurer [sic]
Measure Election Date Subject Political Subdivision Support/Oppose
Medicaid Expansion 11/3/2020 Medicaid expansion Statewide Support

[emphasis added]

Alrighty then.


Campaign Finance: The Healthcare (November 16, 2019)

Rep. Vicky Hartzler (r): Oopsie, again…


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U.S. Representative Lawrence Clarifies Statement on LeDuff Podcast
November 26, 2019 Press Release

Detroit, MI – Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence (MI-14) issued the following statement in clarification of her interview with Charlie LeDuff:

“I was an early supporter for impeachment in 2017. The House Intelligence Committee followed a very thorough process in holding hearings these past two weeks. The information they revealed confirmed that this President has abused the power of his office, therefore I continue to support impeachment.

However, I am very concerned about Senate Republicans and the fact that they would find this behavior by the President acceptable.”


Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].

Yesterday morning:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
The impeachment inquiry only highlights divides in our nation. It has prevented us from working together to deliver real results for hardworking people.

The election is 11 months away. Let the American people decide President Trump’s political future.
10:36 AM · Nov 26, 2019

The American people decided Donald Trump’s political future on November 6, 2018. Don’t you remember?

As usual, there was much hilarity in the responses:

No, Vicky, the impeachment inquiry highlights that trump is utterly corrupt and should be removed from office. Impeach, Convict, Remove! Then in November 2020, VOTE BLUE!

there is a criminal in the white house and he should be held accountable.


I decide… to impeach and remove Donald J. Trump from office.

But in the meantime u want us to turn a blind eye to the lawlessness of what he HAS done??

Sure sounds like that, don’t it?

@HouseGOP @FoxNews “Republicans hope lying will work better then their current start of defending the indefensible”

Vicky endorses trump’s crimes

It actually highlights the departure from truth and consequence by all @GOP. You’d have to be a fool to believe a word from @potus or any republican. Have a nice day, Vicky.

That’s the same as “bless your heart” if you live north of the river, right?

No, the highlights are that the American people are seeing the depth of corruption in our government, and not just from this administration, others also. The American people need to stand up for the constitution & hold even Presidents accountable, impeach and set the example.

That is not a defense.

– the gov’t has been divided since 2010
– trump & the GOP have made it worse
– 200+ bills waiting for
@senatemajldr to act

Got caught in the act. Withholding military aid in exchange for a personal favor is bribery (aka quid pro quo). Aid was released when the coverup scheme blew up

A crinimal potus who likens himself to Jesus Christ, compromises our national security and believes he is above the law, is what’s dividing our nation. My question is why doesn’t this bother you?

Lol. Nope. Trump for prison.

How about we respect rule of law and punish those not following it? Crazy idea, huh?

Where is your responsibility in check a branches abuse of power?

No. Goddammit. He is corrupt and I’m sick & tired of the GOP pretending he is not. His entire entourage are corrupt. Most have had to resign because of ethics violations. Others have gone to prison. This corrupt administration is insufferable. What happens when he defies SCOTUS?

by that time, it’ll be too late. Just watch.

“It has prevented us from working together.” SERIOUSLY? Are you high??? They have committed crimes!

That is a fatuous argument.

@realDonaldTrump is accused of cheating on the last election and attempting to cheat on the next election. Are we guaranteed that he won’t still try to cheat? No.

He can’t be trusted. Let the investigation finish, and probably #ImpeachAndRemove.

Had to look that one up. Heh.

this from the party who said “we’re going to make sure Obama is a one-term president”

working together, it seems is convenient when your party is on the defense


But, maybe their base is.

This is always your answer except if you had the chance to put another justice on the court your mantra would change. You continue to lie to the American people!

Please provide the name of the survey to which you are referencing? I believe the number were just released last night showing no change in the last 7 days. Naming your Source is the always best practice. Bills are moving forward to die in $ Moscow Mitch’s Graveyard.

Eat shit #welfarevicky

Well. That individual certainly has a strong opinion.

Sure vicky. Who cares if he broke the law. Nice concept

Impeachment or not, it is good to know what Trump is doing behind our backs. Who knows what else he will do to this country before the next election. Do you really want to wait that long and see the division getting even wider with more violence?

So you are saying trump hasn’t been divisive? You are saying if their is wrongdoing let it go?

Well, he is. And he’s confessed on TV.

So someone who is cheating and abusing their power, to win an election. To say that we should wait until after that election to do anything is just dumb. You know when everyone who worked on this says that he is guilty. It takes a special kind of stupid to say let’s wait.

You are an idiot. It’s about the soul of our country and holding this President and future Presidents accountable. If you do not understand that, I strongly suggest you resign immediately

Or you could stop kissing the ass of a traitor.

There is that.



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Late this afternoon in west central Missouri:

House Finch. Carpodacus mexicanus.
Canon 5D III, 2.8 70-200 mm., 2x III.
F 5.6, 1/320, ISO 800, 400 mm.

Just a reminder – they’re the tiny descendants of dinosaurs who are biding their time until they are once again large enough to chase us all down. Contemplate that shattering seed on a larger scale.

Face off:

House Sparrow. Passer domesticus [left]. House Finch. Carpodacus mexicanus [right].
Canon 5D III, 2.8 70-200 mm., 2x III.
F 5.6, 1/250, ISO 800, 400 mm.

Though little, they are very aggressive.

Dark-eyed Junco. Junco hyemalis.
Canon 5D III, 2.8 70-200 mm., 2x III.
F 5.6, 1/250, ISO 400, 400 mm.

As if to say, “What are you looking at?”

Sen. Jill Schupp (D): What’s up?


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Senator Jill Schupp (D) [2016 file photo].

The past few days at the Missouri Ethics Commission:

C000960 11/07/2019 Missouri Democratic State Committee Schupp for Senate 418 North Mosley Rd Creve Coeur MO 63141 11/5/2019 $10,000.00

C161387 11/23/2019 MAJORITY FORWARD Schupp for Senate 418 N. Mosley Rd. Creve Coeur MO 63141 11/23/2019 $30,000.00

C000960 11/25/2019 Missouri Democratic State Committee Schupp for Senate 418 North Mosley Rd Creve Coeur MO 63141 11/23/2019 $25,000.00

C171047 11/26/2019 House Victory Committee Schupp for Senate 418 Mosley Rd Creve Coeur MO 63141 11/24/2019 $15,000.00

[emphasis added]

And, from October:

Missouri Ethics Commission

Committee To Elect Jill Schupp 10/14/2019

27. Money On Hand at the close of this reporting period $259,517.66

[emphasis added]

That’s quite a spend down, eh, Ann?