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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

On Friday:

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
It is shocking to see the President of the United States repeat false narratives and threaten law enforcement agents from the White House podium. It’s a new low, even by Biden’s standards
1:19 PM · Sep 24, 2021

January 6, 2020?

As always, there is much hilarity in the responses:

Hi tourists [….]

He doesn’t live in Missouri, he lives in Virginia

It was not whips (and I don’t believe he said it was) but that was cleared up pretty quickly. Still inhumane and horrible as you’d know if you’d ever been around horses and people who actually work cattle.

Crazy that you can have degrees from Stanford AND Yale and not have a basic understanding of “irony.”

Again – how about we focus on MO!

It wasn’t shocking when you supported the insurrection.

Oh it’s real rich, seeing @HawleyMO talking about false narratives.

Good thing Biden fixed the crisis. Quick too! Good job Joe! [….]

You looking in the mirror when you say someone is spreading false narratives?

Did you pay any attention to the last administration??

I believe the “new low” was January 6th. Ask your friends about it

He was there, with raised fist.


Like when they claim they won an election they clearly lost then incited an insurrection with the help of several US Senators? [….]

And given half a chance to get real power, Josh will stoop much, much lower…[….]

Aren’t you late for your goose stepping lessons?

Shouldn’t you be getting your phone records together? [….]

“Repeat false narritives”. You’re joking right?. Your master, Trump, was the king of false narratives.

Hoo boy, let me tell you about a former President who was the king of false narratives!

You are all for repeating false narrative when it’s done by Trump. Isn’t it a false narrative to say you actually live in the district you supposedly represent?

Spare us your fake outrage. Where was it when trump put children in cages?

Wait- weren’t you the guy that encouraged the insurrectionists on the way into the very building they later attacked? Time to slide off that high horse, @HawleyMO.

It’s shocking to see someone who lied to try to destroy our democracy on behalf of Donald Trump say “It is shocking to see the President of the United States repeat false narratives”.

You are such a projecting, dishonest, seditious clown.


You actually helped a President of the United States repeat false narratives, attack law enforcement and then tried to overturn an election you seditious shill. Were you always this deceitful or is this something you practiced?

He practiced. On a trailer.

That’s RICH! The big orange baby who’s ASS you kiss every day still to this day repeats false narratives. You’re such a hypocrite.

Dumb asshole who champions false narratives that lead to an assault on the nation’s capital says what?

Do you ever read what you write you effing idiot?

You’re shocked about false statements? Look back to 1/6. What a phony.

Oh really? The idiot you worship does nothing but lie and spread falsehoods, as do you

Remember when you and the former guy pushed false election fraud claims and your idiot supporters actively threatened and injured law enforcement officers at the capital?

It’s so funny. You were not shocked at all with TFG and his mafioso antics. Obstruction, him trying to steal an election, crimes, corruption, bribes. All of a sudden you discover “a new low?” Where have you been traitor?

And a few more…