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Josh Hawley’s (r) campaign “flatbed truck” outside the Missouri State Fair Governor’s Ham Breakfast in Sedalia this morning:

The Ivy League vision of a flatbed truck.

And, guess who else was there?:

Our old friend, Eli!

Eli Yokley @eyokley
.@HawleyMO brought his debate trailer to the state fair: “Where is @clairecmc? She’s hiding out in Washington, D.C.”
9:43 AM – 16 Aug 2018 from Governor’s Ham Breakfast

Much hilarity ensued. Some of the responses:

Senate is in session. Hawley wants MO to elect the first senatorial candidate who doesn’t even have the mental capacity to read a calendar.

Well, the Republican platform is ‘Government is broken. If it isn’t, we’ll make sure it is.” So he’d fit right in.

I see the Mitch McConnell election strategy is being used…keep Senate Dem candidates working & doing their jobs so Rs can use it against them.

She’s in DC because working for Missouri and he’s using it against her?

Enough of that nonsense.

Yeah… pretty sure she is Washington DC doing her job since the Senate is in session. Need a tutorial on how government works?

At work, Josh. Unlike you, when you’re working out at Wilson’s in Columbia, MO, 25 miles from your office, in the middle of the day, during the work week

This second? Yelling at an HHS official at a Senate hearing about not caring for unaccompanied minor children after they leave government care.

Isn’t he supposed to be running the AG’s office on a weekday? That thing he was elected to do?

In Washington DC doing what her constituents pay her to do – legislate.

@HawleyMO – I would hope voters would want a candidate to know the job they are campaigning for, and understand the work schedule. Or at least be able to hire staff to help you understand?

Claire’s in DC working. Remember @SenMajLdr forced everyone to work this month so Dems cannot campaign…er sorry, to affirm Trump’s judge picks. Anyway, it’s nice to see Josh took time away from the gym to launch a campaign to debate Claire.

Um…dude…she’s in D.C. because the Senate is in session, she’s a Senator, and it’s her JOB.

Maybe you could do YOUR job for a change, @HawleyMO? Or are you working out at Wilson’s this morning?

Uh, that’s where she works representing the people of MO. Kind of embarrassing for you if you don’t understand how this works.


That was probably addressed to Josh Hawley (r).

Hahahaha…she’s doing her JOB! [….]

Do not vote for @HawleyMO

He’s made a fool of himself … again

Voters found Senator @ClairecMc at work & doing an exemplary job

As a former prosecutor & a Senator since 2006, she knows the details, she has the strategy to roll up her sleeves, ask questions & find solutions

I found her. She’s doing her job

Duh, McConnell killed the August recess, to prevent the Dem’s from campaigning. But thanks for reminding all of us of the GOP’s cheating ways.

At least Claire was able to teach him the difference between a trailer and a flatbed, LOL.

That assumed he’s educable…

She’s WORKING!!! Turn on CSPAN.

Is @HawleyMO unclear as to what a senator’s job is? Does he know that Congress is in Washington? Very worrying if he doesn’t know these very simple facts.

Maybe if Hawley had McCaskill’s work ethic, he would have had time to investigate Greitens’ illegal coordination with A New Missouri.

Ouch. That’s gonna leave a mark.

I want him to hold a town hall so he can explain to me why he’s trying to take preexisting conditions protection away from millions of Missourians. I really want him to explain that one! #NeverHawley #VoteForClaire

Clearly that is a flatbed truck

Ouch. Again.

The people of the Show-Me State know what’s up.

Wow. He really sucks at this campaign stuff.

Um, I think she’s at work.

He does understand the job he’s seeking will require him to be in D.C. a lot of the time, right?

Claire is in Washington DC. She works there. That’s where the Senate is.
Go get some funnel cake and a corn dog.
Have fun at the fair.

Don’t you people have jobs? Claire is at work not hauling a “flatbed” around the state like @HawleyMO trying to make us believe he’s a regular Missourian.

Take a leap. Hawley didn’t debate a single one of his primary opponents. #HawleyDidntEarnIt

Wow!! Just wow!! You know senate is in session right?!? She’s. Doing. Her. Job!! Do you need a lesson in government?

She’s doing her job as a US Senator today, dealing w/ reunification of families. That’s where she is. I’m sure you could check her website & get the long list of all the Missouri towns & events she has been visiting.

I think @HawleyMO forgot that he still has a job to do in MO. We know he never really wanted it, since he almost immediately started campaigning for the next one. He’d probably be equally useless as Senator…let’s not find out.

a ham-handed publicity stunt.

We see what they did there.

We found her. But don’t waste a good search party. See if you can find an honest Republican.

Dude, just stop.

This is embarrassing.

Wow, this really backfired on you!

Senate meeting today. She has a job to do, remember?

Not hiding, working. She’s in a hearing on unaccompanied immigrant youth. It’s an actual job as opposed to eating bacon

Uh, she’s working. She’s doing what she was elected to do. What are you doing besides putting on a sideshow?

Debate trailer? Do something meaningful with your time instead of creating political theater

Ah, someone else knows what it is.

Uh. Did you see her response? You owned yourself. Never ask a question you don’t want the answer to.

Wait, Claire responded? Yes, she did!:

Claire McCaskill @clairecmc
CSPAN. Right now. Important hearing on unaccompanied children. Doing my job.
10:02 AM – 16 Aug 2018

And some of those responses:

Ain’t no clapback like a McCaskill clapback!!

Local man steps on rake; repeats.

Haha. Tell em, Claire.

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