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“…The AGO’s indefinite delay here – which terminated only by compulsion of the discovery process – crossed the line. This conclusion is also butressed by the fact that the AGO provided no further communication to DSCC concerning this Sunshine Law Request after May 1, 2018; had DSCC not filed suit, the AGO would not have produced the responsive records [….] The AGO’s wrongful denial of DSCC’s request violated the Sunshine Law….” – November 14, 2022 – Judge Jon Beetem – Cole County Circuit Court, 19th Judicial Circuit

Josh Hawley Violates Sunshine Law While State’s Top Attorney
Feb 02, 2019


Missouri Democratic Party Executive Director, Lauren Gepford, released the following statement:

“’t has become abundantly clear that Josh Hawley used his taxpayer-paid office as Attorney General to climb the ladder to the U.S. Senate, and apparently was willing to disregard the laws he swore to uphold in doing so. When the very person charged with enforcing our Sunshine Law can’t be trusted to follow it, Missourians’ trust in their government is undermined. Senator Hawley is no different from those career politicians he blasts on the campaign trail.’


Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

Political hackery in the Missouri Attoney General’s Office under Josh Hawley (r) in support of his ladder climbing? Say it ain’t so.

It is so:

ColeCountyJoshHawleyAGOCC00119 [pdf]

Subverting the Missouri Sunshine Law – RSMo § 610 – by the office supposedly in charge of enforcing it? Say it ain’t so.

$12,000.00 fine and court costs. Josh Hawley doesn’t get to pay those penalties, the taxpayers of Missouri do.


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