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“The most dangerous place to stand in Washington D.C. is any place between Senator Josh Hawley and a live microphone” – Charles P. Pierce

On Thursday:

Senator Hawley Press Office @SenHawleyPress
“You’re not going to get anything but condemnation from me for what happened with those criminals at the Capitol,” Hawley says on @FaulknerFocus. “But that doesn’t make this trial any more legitimate than it is, which is totally illegitimate. No basis in the Constitution.”
11:54 AM · Feb 11, 2021

Useless tool.

Some of the comments:

@YaleLawSch @abaesq @mobarnews @SenSchumer @LeaderMcConnell @HawleyMO is a seditionist who violated his oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. Revoke, disbar, expel. And prosecute.

Hawley didn’t address those who invaded the Capitol. He didn’t say,“Friends, I’m making your arguments on the floor, but what you’re do­ing is wrong. You must leave.” Why didn’t he speak to the crowd? Did he not un­derstand his own people? Or did he under­stand them all too well?

Your colleagues voted, it is constitutional. Unless you’re not into democracy that is.

Raising your fist in solidarity to the violent mob and sitting in the gallery w your feet up while your colleagues describe the murder and destruction they committed and your refusal to hold trump accountable seems to say you don’t condemn it

He not only does not condemn it, he supports it.

@HawleyMO what do you know about constitutional legitimacy, when you spent all your time in the Senate saying “no” and playing Candy Crush?

Not true–it’s completely constitutional…would make no sense for it to be okay for a president to incite an insurrection but be let of the hook because he did it in January As Rep Raskin said there is no January exception!

That argument was put to bed 56-44. You were there, in the minority, but the question is settled and no longer an excuse to acquit.

By “condemnation” does Josh mean that wishy-washy “hey guys, we need to stop the violence” tweet from January? Because the only thing Josh has really condemned since he tried to overturn the election was the loss of his book deal.

As a member of congress it is more unconstitutional to argue the unconstitutionality of the Congress taking on it constitutional duties. The vote was made. The trial is ongoing. The VERY LEAST you can is care. You just want to be right.

The Constitution grants the Senate the sole power to try impeachment.
The Constitution makes no exceptions to that power.
All means all.
Trump was impeached while in office.
The Senate is required to try it.
The Senate voted that it has Constitutional authority.
Basis confirmed.

Senator, John Quincy Adams, Founders, & your law professors disagree. Can your staff not help you balance your response? Only the Senate can hold Trump and future presidents accountable. To acquit weakens the Senate’s power in the future and it encourages others to ignore the law

This is not a symbol of condemnation.

“Profiles in Cowardice”, a 2022 book about the US Senators who stood with the cop-killing seditionists and turned their backs on America.

The question of Constitutionality is resolved. The only question before you now is… guilty or not. [….]

Great game of what-aboutism! Thumbs up buddy! Good job inciting violence and for feeling no remorse. You’re a winner!

Joshie trying to pin the trial on a faux procedural point so he can excuse his failure as a senator.

I’m just glad you’ve copped to only representing Republicans.

I guess you won’t need to vote then. Wouldn’t want you participating in anything unconstitutional so as to give it credibility.

We don’t need anything from you because you incited the insurrection. Uh-oh.

Here’s Hawley condemning the mob.

Just saying things doesn’t make them true.
“The election was stolen!”
“No basis in the Constitution”

One false statement after another from @SenHawleyPress

He is just scared of offending Trump. Even though he has the ability to rid himself and the Republicans of Trump by disqualifying him from ever holding office again. Will he do it… probably not. Trump already castrated him and other long ago.

That sentence is mushy.

…not going to get anything but condemnation from me for what happened with those criminals?…

But I haven’t heard him condemn the Big Lie. Instead he continued with it on January 6, objecting to another state’s electoral votes.

@HawleyMO #Gaslighting as usual. As if WE THE PEOPLE don’t know HE knows full well that the #ImpeachmentTrial is in fact #Consitutional. One might even say it is #totallyappropriate.

This is like interviewing Al-Qaeda for their thoughts on 9/11.

56 to 44 vote that it was constitutional. Articles filed on 1/13. Trump was holding office. McConnell delayed trial. Clearly, Missouri deserves better!

Clearly, Hawley sees himself fundamentally as a party functionary, not a member of the representative government.

You left out the part about needing to find your soul.

Making quite a name for yourself. Not gonna be pretty.


Excuse me but your opportunism is showing. (Missouri resident that does not support you.)

The Senate, as a body, has considered this. In its sole power, it has determined it *does* have Constitutional authority. In our system of government, that decision is binding on you. Your vote on guilt is required. Your oath of office & your impeachment oath both require it.

To Hawley Staffers: Remember how you felt on Jan 6th? How you ran & hid from the mob? It’s your time to tell Josh to vote Guilty for the person who sent them. If you didn’t run & hide like other staffers, then you knew they weren’t coming for you, which makes Josh guilty too.

There Is No Defense—Only Complicity


Partisan coward

As much as you try you will never play with the big boys Joshie.

Social media team…what does Josh think would actually be cause for impeachment and conviction?? Because if this doesn’t do it, I cannot fathom a situation that does. We should just eliminate from the Constitution.

Apparently lying about a blow job is impeachable to these nut cases

That’s not what every constitutional lawyer says.

So, SenHawley is rejecting the decision of the Senate who litigated the Constitutionality of the jurisdiction question and bipartisanly voted that they do have jurisdiction. Hawley should therefore be removed from the Senate immediately.

Hawley’s legal position represents a fringe view that is contrary to history, contrary to precedent and roundly rejected by legal authorities from both parties. It is a sham. Josh was for the seditious mob on Jan. 6. He remains for the seditious mob today. He should be removed

And on and on…

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].


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