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If you come for the turtle you best not miss.

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

Today, as Josh Hawley (r) plays with matches:

Alex Isenstadt @politicoalex
McConnell held a conference call with Senate Republicans this morning in which he pressed Hawley multiple times to explain his plans to object to the Electoral College. McConnell was met with silence, per multiple people familiar with the call. Turns out Hawley wasn’t present
1:30 PM · Dec 31, 2020

McConnell has expressed concern that GOP senators up for re-election in ‘22 will be forced to take a vote on a seemingly pointless endeavor that will imperil them either in a general or primary election

Hawley has launched a small dollar fundraising push around his move. He sent out an email this afternoon asking donors to “stand” with him. Contributions go to Hawley’s campaign account

Why is it always about the grift?

Bad combover. Check. Too long red tie. Check. Orange spray tan. Check. Tiny hands. Check. Cluelessness. Check…


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