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Jason Kander (D) [2016 file photo]

It starts:

Jason Kander @JasonKander
True: Don’t worry dad we always come back.

This generation of #ChiefsKingdom so spoiled!
12:57 PM · Dec 27, 2020

That seemed to irritate Mr. Potter.

Don Rone @rone_don
Replying to @JasonKander

Who cares

7:41 PM · Dec 27, 2020

Bah, humbug, it is.

Some of the responses:

Hey Don,

Your profile says you’re a proud grandpa. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt (though it’s not mine to give) and say you didn’t know he was quoting his son.

Be a human and apologize. Show your grandkids how a stand up guy behaves.

Happy New Year.

Mr. Rone, if your grandkids are handling your tweets, you ought to inform them this type of response (“Who cares”) is petty and rude. At a minimum, whoever is tweeting these zingers should at least use punctuation. I’m left wondering who is “Who” or is it WHO?

He must have been a terrific teacher

You do, Don

Howdy, Don. I care. And apparently over 700 people who liked Jason’s tweet care. For context: That’s equivalent to more than half of the followers you have accumulated since Joining Twitter over six years ago. Take a page from the wife of your party’s leader… Be Best.

You seem nice, especially for a former teacher and pround grandpa.


I don’t know you but judging by your Twitter account, you seem like the kind of scum who needs to be voted out.

Apparently you do…cranky old bastard

Nice response to a kid. What’s your next act? Kicking a puppy?

Good grief crusty ol guy.

You sound like a great state rep…rude and pointless.

You’re an ass.

Are you 10 years old? Good hell dude, you’re ancient…. grow up.

Republicans are spiraling past the point of no return. They’re all throwing temper tantrums like little children because they’re cult leader lost.

Representative Rone’s (r) biography at the Missouri House of Representatives web site:

Rep. Donald Rone Jr., a Republican, represents New Madrid County and parts of Scott, Mississippi, and Pemiscot Counties (District 149) in the Missouri House of Representatives. He was elected to his first two-year term in November 2014.

Prior to his legislative duties, Rep. Rone was an accounts manager for FMC Corporation, Agriculture Solutions. He also spent time as a farmer and as a teacher for Matthews and Portageville High Schools. Rep. Rone has served as Mayor of Portageville Missouri and New Madrid County Public Administrator. Rep. Rone served in the Missouri National Guard.

Rep. Rone is a 1963 graduate from Portageville High School. He received his BS degree from Southeast Missouri State University in 1968.

Rep. Rone is a member of the First Church of God in Portageville. He is a lifetime member of the NRA, member of Delta Wildlife and National Wild Turkey Federation, a 32nd degree Mason, and served on the University of Missouri Delta Center Advisory Board for 30 years. Rep. Rone also currently serves on the board of the St. Francis Levee District of Missouri.

Born December 21, 1944 in Cape Girardeau, Rep. Rone currently resides in Portageville…

Heh. Be best.

This morning:

Jason Kander @JasonKander
A Republican elected official clumsily trolling my 7 year old son on twitter seems like the appropriate way to wrap 2020.
8:29 AM · Dec 31, 2020