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Look who popped up on Twitter today:

Josh Hawley@HawleyMO
.@JoeBiden & Dems are jamming through a budget that will be full of left-wing giveaways, risks Medicare funding and gives crumbs to working people.
1:30 PM · Feb 3, 2021

Some of the responses:

OK. Why not propose more layoff benefits, raise the minimum wage, and expand the relief checks? Strange you are silent on real benefits to working people.

Who’s the president?

He thinks we’re going to forget.

You misspelled taking care of people. That’s okay. Simple mistake.

You killed a cop

Maybe more funerals for police would make you happy too?

Every true patriot understands that Josh Hawley has blood on his hands. Each new gripe or complaint his repute helps to taint as he desperately tries to rebrand. An outcome of naked ambition? For Hawley: unbridled sedition.

Do you have any words of respect or condolences or maybe an apology for Officer Sicknicks family?

It’s cute how Republicans like to pretend to care about “working people.” The Republicans controlled the Senate + White House for 4 years, and the only thing you accomplished with all that power was a wasteful tax cut for billionaires

The “left-wing” giveaways you are referring to are $1400 checks for most Americans, expanded UI insurance to September, and money for the covid fight.

A social media response.

“GOP used budget reconciliation to spend $2.7 trillion for tax cuts that largely benefited the wealthy.

Democrats might use reconciliation to spend $1.9 trillion on a relief package for Americans in the middle of a pandemic.

Yes, there’s a difference between the two parties.”

Aren’t working people’s taxes going up this year, to help fund the Trump/GOP tax cut bonanza for the wealthy?

Yep, that was part of the Trump (r) giveaway to the top 1%.

Of course, you believe the “crumbs” are too generous…for non-1%ers, anyway.

You need to work on your resignation letter

All you have to do is copy and paste the following: I, Josh Hawley, resign effective immediately.

same working people whose votes you wanted thrown out?

insurrectionist says what

Can you give an example of the unity you’ve shown lately, please?

Smarmy quisling says what?

That sounds awesome! Will you stop killing cops

Oh, you mean like the budget Trump crammed through with tax cuts for the rich and crumbs for working people back in 2017?

If you’re not working at the DMV next time I go in for a renewal it’s going to be extremely disappointing.

That’s really unfair to the DMV.

You missed the point as usual. Trying to help all people is not left wing. Where did you receive your education in political systems. LOL

At one of those fancy ones.

It’s not like they won the house, the senate, and the presidency or anything. Oh, wait.

And on and on.

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].


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