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Gaslighting again.

Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [2018 file photo].

Today from Representative Vicky Hartzler (r):

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
Today, we remember the life of Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick as he lies in honor in the Capitol Rotunda.

The sacrifices made by Brian, as well as officers Howard Liebengood & Jeffery Smith, will never be forgotten.

May these heroes rest in peace.
8:24 AM · Feb 3, 2021

Some of the responses:

Vicky: Where is your condemnation of those members of the House and Senate, members of your party, who, through their words and deeds, helped facilitate the death of Brian Sicknick and attempted to overthrow our government?

she was one of them

What hypocrisy! Your refusal to acknowledge election results played a supporting role in this tragedy. You have refused to impeach the man who caused the riot that led to the officer’s death. You should be ashamed.

Narrator: “She isn’t.”


If you go, be sure to apologize for being part of the insurrection.

Honor him by convicting Trump and then resigning

ummmm you helped kill him

And we remember that you signed up to overthrow the results of the free and fair election thus giving oxygen to this group of domestic terrorists to take apart our democracy.

We won’t forget. You are culpable, look at his casket and know that you helped do this.

Let’s face it , Vickster.
The one and only reason you are tweeting this is because you got ratioed badly on your last tweet.
That officer is dead because of your actions.

These heroes died because you incessantly lied to your kooky constituents. Those thugs tried to finish the job YOU started trying to overthrow the election results.


Please spare us the empty posturing.

Those heroes died because of an angry mob fired up by lies told by Trump and perpetuated by Hartzler.

Hartzler has yet to admit to to those lies or apologize so the notion that she has any plans to honor anyone is ghoulish.

Weren’t you part of the conspiracy to commit sedition group? His death is on your hands.

You were complicit in his death through your failure to accept the results of a free & fair election where Biden won overwhelmingly.

You fed hatred that resulted in our nation’s capitol building being overrun by terrorists.

Sticknick deserved better than you & so does America

Too bad you didn’t think about our Capital Officers before you supported terrorists who killed one and beat and maimed others.

How can you sleep at night knowing you participated in an insurrection that caused his death? Shame on you.

He sacrificed his life to protect Congress from the angry trump supporters. The people that believed lies about the election and you did NOTHING to dispute those lies. You let them grow and fester until these terrorists came to believe they could overthrow the government. You are…responsible for this officer’s death by being complicit. You chose not to protect democracy. I will never vote for a republican again after the insurrection that the GOP allowed to happen.

There’s that.


Rep. Vicky Hartzler (r): Give it a rest, seditionist (January 21, 2021)