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Rep. Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].

You’d think a right wingnut who promoted lies which encouraged an insurrection would want to keep a low profile for just a little while longer.



Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
One of America’s unalienable rights is LIFE.

Sickened that the @BidenInaugural associated our nation’s flag and patriotism with an organization who promotes ending the lives of the unborn.
2:02 PM · Jan 21, 2021

Vicky, you’d be surprised how many contributions have been made to Planned Parenthood in your name.

The Daily Caller? That sounds like the name of a Trotskyite rag.

The responses, as always, never fail to amuse:

I prefer you represent Missourians who have been BORN rather than the unborn.

What about the 400,000 people dead from COVID? What about the kids locked in cages? What about the kids struggling with home school and hunger? I guess you only care about them until they are born.

Under Trump, GOP showed what they really think about life. 400,000 dead Americans from a pandemic. 5 dead from an insurrection, organized and encouraged by GOP leaders.

Yeah um so 400000 dead americans on yours and Trumps watch is ok?

Whose life is important to you? Just unborn babies, right? Not the 400,000 covid deaths or the lives of your fellow legislators? I haven’t seen you denounce the lie leading to the attempted coup.

Are you concerned about all the kids that Trump locked in cages and separated from their parents?

You’re sickened? That’s how this whole country has felt for the last four years. Every. Single. Day.

Hello, someone dying to be outraged on Line 2. —-hold music—–

“The girl from Ipanema”?

Your hypocrisy is showing

Omg I am pro choice and live in your district, is this all you can tweet about when over 400000 have died of COVID

People elect you to be a representative of ALL the people in your district not just those you agree with. Try being more than a one-issue dog whistler.

Wow. 400,000 reasons why you are a complete and utter dip shit.

Just can’t help yourself can you. Maybe you could show you care about ALL LIFE and not support mobs who stormed the Capitol, resulting in loss of life. YOU desecrated our flag and patriotism with YOUR actions. You are a hypocrite and a traitor.

GOPs playbook on guns, life and debt is worn and tattered. You need a new playbook after 5 years of lies, caging kids, a failed coup, and blowing up deficits.

Or you can continue to look like clowns.

Capitol police were attacked with our nation’s flag.

Trump loving Vicky loves to yap about the lives of the unborn but doesn’t give a damn about the lives of those who are living breathing human beings in her district.

You’re gonna really crap your pants when you learn about terrorists taking our flag and beating a police officer with it because twice impeached-Trump told them to.

How about this association? You know the one you don’t want to mention as well as the act of treason. Spin bullshit is your only skill set.

Vicki, what any woman does with her own body is her own business. Btw, how do you feel about separating babies from their Mommas at the border? Or executing people in Federal custody?

Girl shut up.

Spare us your faux anger. Sickening is your support of those trying to overthrow an election. Where was your outrage over people being beaten with the flag?

NOPE. you don’t get to be the party of “life” my dear – more executions during Trump admin than any other, kids in cages, beaten dead police officers, OVER FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND DEAD FROM COVID.

Sorry, nope.

Where was your outrage when babies were being separated from their parents on the border under our American flag.
Save it, lady. You can’t start being outraged now.

You are a disgrace to Missouri, Vicki. Resign.

Hi whichever fearmongering Republican you are….

Here’s a thought… Separate church from state and stop bamboozling Americans into debating theocracy rather than government policy.

Ugh will you people shut up already about abortion. You don’t give a shit about the unborn or the born. You prove that time and again.

Wait until you hear about covid-19. Stfu with this pro-life BS

Trump and the GOP are forever associated with right wing terrorists killing a man with a flag

Cry me a fucking river. How many people did Trump kill this year? And I mean actual people, not blastulas

What’s the next faux outrage? Just asking.