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“…For now, I will take her at her word, but I will be watching.”

Last night:


Feb 4, 2021 Press Release
Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Ann Wagner (R-MO) released the following statement on Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene:

“The statements and conspiracy theories promoted by Representative Greene, including QAnon, calling into question school shootings, anti-Semitic and other offensive slurs and threats, have no place in the Republican party. To be clear, I find the statements and actions in question abhorrent and firmly untethered from reality. They only serve to place people in harm’s way and should be shunned by all Americans.

“It is also true that these actions took place before she was a Member of Congress, and her constituents appeared to largely be aware of them when she was elected. This is the People’s House, and removing Members from committee assignments for actions and comments prior to their service would set a bad precedent in Congress.

“I spoke with Representative Greene one on one last night and she made it clear to me she no longer believes the dangerous views espoused in her previous statements, and that she will not advance such views as a Member of Congress. She has now publicly expressed regret on the Floor of the U.S. House for her past actions and statements.

“For now, I will take her at her word, but I will be watching.”

Rep. Wagner (r) must have missed Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (r) floor speech last night.

“…It is also true that these actions took place before she was a Member of Congress…”

From Marjorie Taylor Greene (r), while a Member of Congress:

Congressional Democrats Threaten Yet Another Coup Attempt Against President Donald Trump
January 11, 2021
Press Release
JANUARY 8, 2021

Washington D.C. — Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene released the following statement on the Democrat threat of Impeachment:

“For the entire four years of the greatest Presidential term of our lifetime, Democrats led by Speaker Pelosi and radical Socialists in her party attempted coup after coup against President Donald Trump.

Whether it was threatening to remove the President with phony 25th Amendment attacks, ridiculous Russian collusion conspiracy theory lies, or false criminal accusations about a perfect phone call with the Ukrainian Prime Minister, Democrats tried to overturn the 2016 election because they simply couldn’t handle the results.

Not only have the radicals in the Democrat Party tried to throw out the will of the American people, they have attacked anyone who dares support this President.

Everyone remembers the last four years of political censorship by the Silicon Valley Cartel targeting President Trump and his millions of supporters. Everyone remembers the occupation of the Senate office buildings by the Communist Women’s March screaming lies about Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Everyone remembers the harassment of Republicans including Senator Rand Paul, who was surrounded by a violent Black Lives Matter mob in the streets of Washington, DC. And, of course, everyone remembers the entire year of domestic terrorism conducted by Antifa / BLM militants, and championed by Democrat elected officials.

Now, 12 days before the 2021 Presidential Inauguration, these same Democrats, following their marching orders from the activist spokesmen in the Fake News Media, are launching another lie-filled assault on our Republic by threatening to impeach our duly-elected President, yet again.

Speaker Pelosi’s pursuit of impeachment will not “heal and unite” this nation as Joe Biden has called for in speeches. Another coup attempt will only further inflame half of the country.

This Hail Mary attempt to remove President Trump is another attack on the Silent Majority that Democrats have always looked down upon.

I have a message for Democrats, including Joe Biden: the time of demeaning and destroying conservative Americans simply for their beliefs has come to an end.

The new generation of MAGA Republicans will not back down to your threats. We will not back down from the smear campaigns from the Enemy of the American People, the Fake News. And we will not be silenced by Big Tech who wants to end free speech.

We will stand up and defend the 75 Million Americans who you are trying to cancel and ruin the lives of for daring to reject your Marxist ideology.

President Trump taught us how to defend our values.

We aren’t going away. We will never give up.

America First. Always.”


That was after the sedition and insurrectionist breach of the Capitol.

And, from Representative Ann Wagner on Wednesday:

Consequences or not? Which is it?

Believe them when they show you what they are.


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