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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

Yesterday, via Twitter:

How angelic.

Senator Hawley Press Office @SenHawleyPress
“Many, many citizens in Missouri have deep concerns about election integrity,” Hawley writes.

“They have a right to be heard in Congress. And as their representative, it is my duty to speak on their behalf. That is just what I did last week.”
2:54 PM · Jan 13, 2021

What an asshole.

Some of the responses:

Joshua, the majority of Missourians do not have deep concerns about the election.

You’d know that if you ever step foot here.

Your duty is to honor your oath to the Constitution–which means upholding our electoral process–even if your base believes the lies you told them.

After you have fully swallowed the Big Lie, the only choice is to keep lying. You can’t turn back once you’ve gone this far.

“Many, many citizens in Missouri have been lied to non-stop about election integrity.”

“They have a right to hear the truth. And as their representative, it is my duty to speak truth to them. But when the truth and my political ambitions are at odds, truth loses.”

@HawleyMO either doesn’t understand how the First Amendment works or assumes that his constituents do not understand how the first amendment works. Either way is frustrating and disconcerting.

So I can understand; you exhort the mob but when the mob becomes lawless you stand for the principle that the mob is being lawless about so that violence is overcome

“I will not bow to a lawless mob, or allow criminals to drown out the legitimate concerns of my constituents”

keep dreaming… it’s good to have fantasies

Typically what happens when their leaders LIE to them. It’s the self-licking ice cream cone.

Hawley didn’t bow to a lawless mob – he saluted them.

And that tells the whole story.

How many tours of the capitol did he give after the photo shoot?

They have concerns because you lied to them and told them they should have concerns.

Tell them you lied. Tell them the truth about the election. Tell them you deliberately incited insurrection to advance your political career. Resign. Go to jail.

Do your duty.

Missourians have a right not to have their senator spreading seditious lies.

They have deep concerns because y’all freaking told them to have deep concerns. It’s your job to tell them the truth. If 70% of your constituents think the sky is pink, no it’s not your job to introduce a bill stating so. It’s your job to tell them it’s not.

“Irregardless” of what he will say,
Josh has thrown his whole future away.
Even @Hallmark is woke
to the fact he’s a joke.
Insurrection: a poor hand to play.
Although Hawley is but 41,
his political future is done.

Your staff who helped you write this will never be able to clean off the blood from their hands.

Out, out, damn Trump.

I’m your constituent. Joe Biden won a fair election. If anyone has concerns, it’s bc you lied & misled them. There’s been no evidence of voter fraud affecting the outcome of this election. You are smart enough to know that & chose to mislead & damage democracy for political gain

well sparky, they have concerns ’cause you keep lying to them about a “steal” that didn’t happen. You have that Ivy League Degree, surely even you can figure out that the solution to that problem is not to amplify that lie further, & rather find the courage to tell MO the truth

What he did was an embarrassment to all Missourians. There is no sugar coating it. He attempted to subvert democracy in a free and fair election. If I rob a bank, I cant claim it was to raise concerns about interest rates because I wear a shirt that says lower interest rates.

Please do explain how 60+ courts with experienced judges got it all wrong but Genius Boy Josh Hawley got it all right.

‘Cause he says he’s a “Constitutional lawyer.”

Politics would have a lot more integrity if you weren’t participating, Josh.

Dayam. That one left a mark.

They have concerns since they believed lies from Trump, GOP, wacko lawyers, and right wing media over the 64 lost court cases. Just because you didn’t like how some states made it safer to vote during the pandemic doesn’t mean their votes should be thrown out.

Most people just concerned about face painted thugs killing people inside the Capitol. Everything else pales in comparison.

I have a deep concern about your residence and it is shared by millions of us.


Shhh, we know what you are.

And on and on.


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