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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

This is what we get:

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
It’s time to stand up against the muzzling of America
8:35 PM · Jan 24, 2021

Seventeen days of silence from the seditionist on his Twitter account until today. And all we get is self-serving whining.

Some of the responses:

Strange muzzling. You announce the muzzling on a Big Tech platform about a column in a major newspaper. Me thinks you protest too much.

#JoshHawleyIsATraitor #joshhawleyisaliar #JoshHawleyResign

You wanted to disenfranchise MILLIONS of voters. You wanted to muzzle people of color. WTF is wrong with you.

Sweetie, you’re not being cancelled. You being held accountable for your actions in supporting insurrection. Take several seats, Josh.

How can someone who is cancelled have an op ed in the Post?

You don’t seem terribly muzzled.

“The most dangerous place to stand in Washington D.C. is any place between Senator Josh Hawley and a live microphone” – Charles P. Pierce

The senator is complaining about being ‘muzzled’ for challenging the results of a free and fair election. He believes ‘cancel culture’ is silencing him after he helped incite an insurrection that left five people dead, including a police officer.

He also believes it’s unconstitutional for a private company to cancel a book deal. The victim complex on this one…

You tried to disenfranchise millions of voters in a seditious plot and are whining about this?

Have you no honor?

Oh cut the shit. You are guilty of sedition and need to be removed.

You are a disgrace to the office and we will never forget what you did.

It’s time for you to Quit.

This guy literally incited a riot…on his own free will… and now he’s whining about some censorship bs

It’s time to stand up to seditionists

You’re a traitor and that’s how you’ll be remembered, Senator.

So you wrote an op-ed that made the cover of the NY Post and it’s about (checks notes) having your voice muzzled.

How fortunate the US would be if that was in fact true.

The irony is completely lost on him.

So elitist to write for a New York paper. I thought you were the senator from Missouri. Is Missouri not good enough for you?

If it were good enough for him he’d live there

You weren’t muzzled. You spoke out and caused a bloody insurrection.

Stop deflecting from your sedition

The muzzling of Americans?

You mean like when you tried to muzzle the votes of 81 million Americans? Including me?

Literally fuck off, dude. Consider, just for one hot second, that you might have been in the wrong.

Our State is dying Senator. Stop whining about your book deal and do your job.

Since your actions are deserving of censure and expulsion from the Senate, I’m not surprised you are opposed to consequences.

The picture of privilege – having a national platform from which to speak.
You’re not being muzzled, you’re being held accountable.

Five people died in a right wing attack on the Capitol you incited. They’re silenced now. You did that. Resign.

Difference between being silenced and being ignored.

New York Post op ed. Very relatable to a Missourian.

Your. Career. Is. Over.

Stop fighting it. It only makes it sadder.

Your first tweet in days could have been much, much better than this.

Your actions will have consequences, now it’s time for you learn about the 14th Amendment.

It’s time to resign, you lying, seditious traitor.

But you had no issue with trying to muzzle me and the millions of others who didn’t vote for Trump, though, did you?

“I’m being censored… here’s a link to an op-Ed I wrote in a major publication about it.”

It’s time to stand up to seditionist, inciting, traitors and expel them from the Senate. Your whining isn’t going to make us forget.

“Local DC socialite and Ivy Educated lawyer Josh Hawley is furious after being unable to find constitutional clause that would force private bookseller to publish his fascist manifesto after attempting overthrow of American democracy“

I’m constantly amazed that there a group of ppl that believe ppl like @HawleyMO when they say they are silenced, “muzzled”, etc. when they see them say it in front of a camera or read their exact words they have tweeted or told a reporter to report.

How can silence be so loud?

You refuse to talk to local media. You aren’t muzzled.

You misspelled “I resign.”

I too have been muzzled by the New York Post’s front page

Man, I really hope you just shut the fuck up soon

Now you are doing fascist op-eds in the New York Post?

You are free to say whatever you want, and we are free to call it seditious.

The irony of being published in a New York City newspaper, sharing it on Twitter, and then having the audacity to say you’re being muzzled. The mind boggles.

republican campaign supplies.

And on and on…


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