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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

This afternoon, from Josh Hawley (r):

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
New pictures of Joe Biden’s border crisis – hundreds of children jammed into holding pens designed for just a few dozen, unsanitary conditions, total chaos
3:21 PM · Mar 30, 2021

Some of the responses:

Did you visit the border during the previous guy’s time !!!

First image, chief. You’re never shaking this shit off

Old pictures of you being an insurrectionist

Picture of @HawleyMO giving a “heil” to his brownshirts.

Picture of how Josh Hawley saw himself on #Jan6

Watching Republicans flip from supporting these border tactics to speaking out against them in less then two months is an astounding master class in hypocrisy.

Oh you care about kids on the border now?

More pictures of the Capital riot that Josh fully endorsed. Josh let’s start that committee and find out who knew what, and who participated. Your names at the top of the list.

Yet, no solution from the GQP about it. Border Walls are ineffective in the long run.

Where was Hawley when children were being molested by border guards in Trump’s administration? He speaks up now only for partisan gain. Hawley cares for no one but himself.

Ah yeah what’s your solution tho

So.. You’re saying Trump’s wall failed?


Shut the hell up, traitor

Deflection isn’t working.

Y’all still killed 450K Americans. Rest were perhaps unavoidable.

If you care so much about kids why did you try to take healthcare away from so many of them?

‘seditionists talking shit’…. should be a new tv series that airs on fox entertainment – at least until they are arrested

This wasn’t a problem for you a few months ago– wonder what changed

Thank you Senator Hawley for calling this out. I wish you were one of my Senators.

If you’re from Virginia he already is.

The GOP is so predictable with their rants and raves and never provide a viable solution.

Why is that?

Treasonous Hawley says what?

They should break down those barriers like your Insurrectionist Goon Squad broke down the barriers at the US Capitol on 1/6/2020 after you emboldened them with your fist-salute support. (Then they killed a cop.)

Bet you can’t wait to put that on newsmax, right jughead?

I’m more afraid of you and your insurrectionists. I don’t see a bunch of guns on these immigrants nor them beating cops with Blue lives Matter flag poles. As well as the stars and stripes.

Why are you just now concerned about this?

Hmmm… not one word from you when tRump was holding children in cages. You could me more hypocritical if you tried!

Tell us again how unfair it is that ur book deal got killed. How you’re a victim of the cancel culture. I never get tired of that one!!

Shut up you had no problem with this before


And now you people oppose this ?

Yep, immigration has problems. Biden didn’t cause it, though. He just stopped temporarily suppressing it with human rights violations.

How about addressing the real problems instead of getting excited by the suffering of brown people?


Since when have you ever cared about kids at the border?

Like you care.

Why is it that we never see any replies supporting your tweets, only ones denouncing them.

Oh, right. You’re evil.

Well, to be fair, there are always a few.

You mean Trump’s border crisis that Biden has to clean up.

Just a friendly reminder Joshie. All the deflection in the world won’t change the fact that you are a traitor, you spread #TheBigLie, and helped instigate the #CapitolRiots.

He gets a lot of that.

Hey Josh maybe instead of playing a game of cynical gotcha politics, you could offer solutions as to how to take care of these kids.

Deportation doesn’t count.

Do you think we don’t remember what you guys were doing on the border? It’s only been three months

Are you saying Trump didn’t actually build a big, beautiful, impenetrable wall?

You must know by now that this fascism thing really is going to go down hard. Probably should start pretending you believe in democracy again. This really isn’t a good look.

And what’s your plan?

I have the sneaky suspicion that you don’t give a hoot in hell about those kids. That you’re just doing this to score political points and show that you can suck up to Trump as well as #CancunCruz. But I could be wrong. #SeditionCaucus

remember when you led an insurrection against the Us Govt?

Awe, the GQP is deflecting from Biden passing his American rescue plan which had overwhelming bipartisan support from the American people. You’re upset your MO to obstruct Biden’s agenda didn’t work. Your constituents will know how you and rest of the sedition caucus operate.

Please do something constructive instead of playing with your phone all day. Do you have any legitimate ideas about immigration reform? Not ripping kids from their mothers arms but actual human intelligent ideas? Why don’t you try yelling about that?

Now you care? Piss off

And on and on…


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