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Any guesses?

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].


Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
The corporate left begins the banning of books. Openly and without apology. Welcome to the new normal
8:08 PM · Feb 22, 2021

The comments are hilarious:

You incited an insurrection and you’re polling at 1% for 2024… would you say it was worth it?

Thanks Josh. Any chance the book cancellation is about anything the author might have done to depress sales and turn off would be buyers?

Something about a raised fist? Just guessing.

Great brand brah

A school district in your state banned Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse Five,” but I’m sure you were fine with it.

Your book is available for pre-order–on Amazon, no less. It has not been banned. Also, you should resign over your role in the Jan. 6 riots that endangered your colleagues and killed five people.

You break your oath of office every day you don’t resign.

It’s so funny that party that celebrates banning books from public libraries gets in a hissy fit over private companies deciding what books they want on their own shelves. It’s almost like 2A is the first amendment they recognize.

Has your book been banned? I missed that. You must think your followers are stupid.

Well, if his followers are buying the “banned” rhetoric, are they not, in fact stupid? So I think he knows exactly who is followers are.

More grievance.

I don’t think you have enough of it in your heart.

Also, I am sure you can print your own book.

Timmy McVeigh, Junior, says what?

I think you have taken the rejection of your manifesto in a strange direction. Maybe publishers felt you were so off kilter that nobody wanted to hear what you had to say? Accept the feedback, it’s a gift, grow from it.

It’s the market. You love free markets. The free markets know your people don’t buy books as often and don’t want to offend those that do.


“My God, they’re using our own weapons against us!”

Sorry Josh, insurrectionists don’t get to publish books. Do a Twitter thread. That’s all it’ll take.

It’s a free market.

America is sick of hearing you wing nuts gripe about not being heard.

Show some of the “Personal responsibility” you brag about and keep quiet.

Maybe that can’t be expected from people who supported overturning an election and a violent insurrection.

So the new “conservative approach is to have government FORCE corporations to carry speech they find necessary.

You’re a constitutional lawyer
Tell us what part of the constitution says the government gets to decide what speech is carried by a corporation.

Why are you so against the free market? What, you want the government to *force* bookt sellers to carry those books? Isn’t that kinda… Communist?

Fascist, actually.

I’ll might buy your book a year from now when it’s being sold at Dollar Tree or at a garage sale, so I can line my kitty liter pan!

Why would a private company want to associate with an author who lied in order to subvert an election and incited violence against the seat of the US government?

It’s the old normal. Publishers never did like to be associated with things the majority of people disapprove. This is why most fringe movements feature a wide selection of self-published literature, stapled together by the author.

The alternative is just as dystopic: publishers are forced to sell books they don’t want to sell. Now that is what sounds un-American.

Personally, I would be happy for you to fire up your stapler. You can make it look pretty snappy with PhotoShop, ya know. That’s your right.

I thought y’all loved it when private companies did whatever they wanted.

Wait, you want Congress to have more control over corporations, for example telling publishers what books they can and cant publish?

Wait, you want to tell a private corporation how to run their business? Whatever happen to Capitalism? Whatever happen to deregulation?

If he had a third side of his face to talk out of, he would.

What about his ass? He seems to talk out of it plenty.

Now that you mention it.

Better than inciting an insurrection openly and without apology. When are you going to resign?


Why do you believe that your words and actions should have no consequences?

Just bad business to publish a book that no one is interested in.


It’s not censorship or anything else of the kind. It is akin to a publisher deciding not to publish Hitler’s Mein Kampf because it’s simply hate speech from traitors and cowards.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: There is no such thing as “the corporate left.”


Private companies choose what merchandise they want to carry. They can’t be forced to carry political and idealogical filth.

Feelings still hurt Josh? Need a safe space?

Seditionist. Don’t try try to change the subject.

That raised fist image is going to follow him everywhere.

Hes a f#ucking lawyer???!!! c
Clearly hes smart enough to know better, right? or is law school that easy?

He was a legacy?

Always playing the victim card.

Josh “anything I don’t like or understand is the left” Hawley.

Are you still whining about your former book deal man?

And on and on…


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