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This morning:

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
This is the most pro-censorship, anti-First Amendment administration in American history. Hands down
9:46 AM · Jul 18, 2022

“The most dangerous place to stand in Washington D.C. is any place between Senator Josh Hawley and a live microphone” – Charles P. Pierce

Some of the responses:

You got your hands up for insurrectionists, bro! [….]

Ok, Senator Karen. Your post is 5 years late, but thanks for playing.

What, if anything, has Hawley done for Missouri?

Other than embarrassing us? Not a damn thing.

As you freely criticize it online

Shush he’d have to understand the first amendment to get the irony here.

Name 1 thing you’ve done for the state of Missouri that’s positive.. I will wait

He doesn’t actually live there?

Ur tweet took a long time to send. Trump isn’t President anymore.

But let’s ban books!

In other news, Josh Hawley announced his new initiative to force women to wear electronic locator collars. Said Hawley of the plan, “Like anything else in nature that we need to track, I believe American women should be tracked at all times so that we know that they are doing.”

How? Just…how…did anyone elect this person?


The @GOP is banning books, speech, reproductive rights, history

y’all are banning books

In what ways, Josh?

Absolutely no references or examples in this tweet.. hmmm.. I wonder why

January 6th

Oh honey

You still have the right to plead the Fifth.

No. That was the last dude, dude.

You’re on tv like every day

Let’s see…what states are banning books, rewriting history and controlling the topics of education? That would be the GOP-led states, sparky. Maybe sit this one out.

Again, projecting.

And you don’t live in Missouri

And yet I can still see your speaking.

How’s Virginia this time of year, Josh? [….]

Says the person tweeting and utilizing their first amendement. [….]

The last one called for the jailing of journalists simply doing their job, called them “the enemy of the people”, and was caught using the National intel agencies to spy on those critical of him. So…no. You’re just wrong.

Man whose party is currently banning books all across the country has thoughts on censorship and the First Amendment.

Haven’t you heard? Josh Hawley (r) believes he’s a “constitutional scholar”.

.. he freely whined on Twitter.


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