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“Constitutional lawyer” your ass.

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

Last night:

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
Today Democrats launched their unconstitutional impeachment trial while President Biden cancels thousands of working class jobs across this country. Americans deserve better
7:34 PM · Feb 9, 2021

Tell it to the microphones:

“The most dangerous place to stand in Washington D.C. is any place between Senator Josh Hawley and a live microphone” – Charles P. Pierce

Some of the responses:

Trump knew the capitol building was under attack, and that Pelosi, Schumer and hoyer were begging the governor of MD for assistance. He denied it for 2+ hours. According to us code, assisting in rebellion is insurrection.

[….] This game is called which human insecurity is Josh Hawley trying to exploit for political gain TODAY?

False: The impeachment is constitutional, that is why they voted in the Senate today. U were there so u know. President Biden’s initiatives will create millions of clean sustainable jobs.
We definitely deserve better than someone who showed a fist in solidarity with rioters.

Missourians deserve better

Really where? You GQP want to go back to horse & buggy days and coal furnaces. Americans want clean energy. Clean water air and less illness. Unfortunately, GQP have canceled science. Science has always been superior in the US but not for the GQP it’s a threat. Get over it.

There was a bite in this. Apparently 6 Republicans didn’t agree with you.

Sit down Senator Proud Boy

[….]You saluted neo-Nazis. But go on and try to talk about American values.[….]

You need to know that the 81 million of us that came out and defeated Donald Trump are going to come out and defeat you if you even *think* about running for the presidency.



Josh, it was Mitch who refused to vote on impeachment before Trump left DC, so this is an extra cynical cup of hogwash.

We absolutely deserve better than whiny, phony sycophants like you who peddled the big lie encouraging violent insurrectionists to storm the capitol to execute the VP and members of Congress. There’s blood on your hands. Resign!

You’re Q

You’re guilty too

Where did you go to law school again? I think you should ask for a refund.

Senate votes trial constitutional. Go sit down.

I thought you were being silenced. Everywhere I look I end up reading one of your rants.

“Repeat the lie until it becomes true” eh, Josh? I am not an exceptionally intelligent man and I see through you. If your voters can’t, they must be exceptionally unintelligent.

I’ll explain this again. Your argument essentially is saying the Founders were idiots. That they didn’t see the loophole. They included two remedies, removal AND disqualification. They saw that there may need to be accountability trials of former officials.

I’m not for sure why you post Josh. You get very few positive replies. Maybe if you moved back to Missouri people might like you better

He’s so starved for attention that he doesn’t care if it’s good or bad attention.

Imagine thinking anyone listened to your constitutional opinions anymore.

We need more of you to be Patriots and save our country from the elite and the rich liberals that want to destroy our country!
Thank you Josh

There are so many of “them”.

We deserve better than you, that’s for sure. #MOdeservesbetter

I wish you could feel shame.

Hawley prefers his alternative universe to reality.

I see that your insurrection fist is still high in the air.

They certainly deserve better than having you represent them.

And on and on…


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