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Finally, a republican with the courage to call out the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) for its undue corporatist influence in pushing legislation affecting all Americans. Oh, wait…

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

…it’s Josh Hawley (r).

Last night:

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
Oligarchy defined: The most powerful corporations in America get together to plan how to control legislation in dozens of states
8:10 PM · Apr 11, 2021

Some of the comments:

How many corporations decided they could no longer abide by states that allowed segregated public accommodations?
Think about how the MLB decided they would no longer abide by state laws that prevented Negros from playing together on baseball fields.
What are you going to do?

Yeah can’t they just let Republicans suppress voters in peace?

See January 6, 2021

Hmm it’s almost like corporate lobbyists have been up to this for years but u liked it then

I’m sure Josh is equally opposed to the work ALEC has been doing for many years (sarcasm)

Like corporations and Republicans never had a cup of coffee together? Nice try, Josh.

No dear, the most powerful co”s in the USA get together to discuss how to stop giving money to states, parties and politicians trying to keep minorities and people of color from voting. You scared? You should be!

Um, y’all are the ones trying to limit who can vote.

Sounds like you should make a stand and return all your corporate contributions.

That’s laugh-out-loud funny! Now tell us how you don’t accept corporate donations, campaign or otherwise, since it would create an appearance of impropriety or an outright conflict of interest.
What’s that? Speak up! We, the People, can’t seem to hear you.

GOP set all this in motion. “Corporations are people”. This was efforts to line the pockets of lawmakers through lobbyists and contributions to campaigns. And this is EXACTLY how it was predicted to play out. Funny how it’s not as cool when against you huh?

I thought Republican values reflected that corporations are like people? Seems like no man, woman, company would want to back such an obvious racist set of voting restrictions.

Oh, but then there’s the GOP!

Think about this, Biden is trying to raise corporate taxes and yet they are still against Republican attempts to limit voter rights. Let that sink in Josh, we’ll wait.

They’ve been doing it forever. They just used to do it behind closed doors and in ways you liked. Maybe if you actually listened to your constituents we wouldn’t have to count on corporations being more in touch with the national pulse.

Oligarchy defined means a small group of people having control of a country or organization.
This is for all the kids who have a history test tomorrow and have seen Josh Hawley’s tweet by mistake

Theocracy is a form of oligarchy…
Isn’t that what you’re going for?

Also, if that is suppose to be a definition you texted there, I think you better actually look up the definition this time.

That’s what they’ve been doing up to this point, now you don’t like it?

Republicans supported Corp. donations saying they deserved a voice too. So now they are speaking up. They listen to their customers and employees. Politicians like you do not listen.
Live with it.

“I love the free market, unless the free market does something that I don’t like”

Oligarchy defined. The people already with power and money in government try to fix the voting to disenfranchise fellow citizens so they can get or stay in govt office.


It’s called listening to their consumers and being smart enough to know that all these voter bills are just voter supression under the guise of “integrity” nothing less.

Fascism defined: the will of the people takes a back seat to desires of those in power without popular consent.

Republicans complaining about corporate influence. That’s rich.

So it’s okay when they conspire with the GOP to weaken labor and environmental standards, but not when they want to protect voting rights? Hypocrisy is so confusing.

Corporations are people, according to Citizens United, so they have right to free speech, #SeditionBoy. Care to rescind that abomination to democracy?

Overturn Citizens United then

What corporations are funding YOU Joshy? Let’s not pretend you are doing this on $5 and $10 donations, m’okay?!

You are saying groups that want to encourage voting are wrong. How can you be in the US Congress and me against more participation in the republic? Did you EVER take any civics class in your life?

A more accurate definition of oligarchy: ALEC’s voter suppression legislation
template being rolled out by gop state legislator minions in dozens of states.

Well, corporations are people, aren’t they? Citizens United not looking so good now, is it?

Fecklessness defined: Josh Hawley seeing rampant voter suppression, doing nothing, then being angry that corporations are more patriotic than he is.

Just like how your GOP colleagues try to control and suppress voters in dozens of states

you know you’ve REALLY taken a wrong turn when even corporate America can see the GOP is a sinking ship.

Looks like you’ll have to do tricks for donations.

But enough about ALEC

You’re such a thin veil

Ever hear of ALEC?

Irony in josh the insurrectionist’s world is clearly dead

Chutzpah, on the other hand, is very much alive.


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