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This afternoon:

Alexander Nazaryan @alexnazaryan
Hawley: “I’m not going anywhere.”
2:36 PM · Feb 26, 2021

Every time we ask, “He can’t be that stupid, can he?” he opens his mouth and we end our conversation with, “Yes, he can.”

The comments are beyond perfection

Hawley gives off extreme vibes of a preacher who won’t let teens dance in his town.

“Can’t act, can’t sing, can’t dance. Can grandstand.”

Democrats everywhere thank you! You’re the gift that keeps on giving @HawleyMO

Psychopaths never just go away.

Correct, .@HawleyMO – you’re not going anywhere. After your term is up, your political career is not going anywhere.

Hawley’s career certainly should not go anywhere after he participated in an insurrection.

A lot of people would like to tell him where to go

And what to do when he gets there

Shucks. OK. Guess we’ll just have to let you know how much we don’t give a crap about you and your book deals or Twitter numbers Daily.

I guess hell is no longer considered a destination?

Well, if there’s a hell, HawleyMO, you already have a reservation.

This Ed Sullivan impression is passable.

Not sure why this person is speaking or what relevance he thinks he has.

I have frequently told him where to go, and also what to do when he gets there. But then I’m a constitutent. Perhaps if I were a tech CEO or perhaps an insurrectionist, he might pay attention.

It’s hard to hear Missourians when you live in Virginia.

Wish I believed in hell. Then I could at least suggest

Well, in a way he’s very correct

Sociopaths and narcissists always double down. Always.

That ain’t up to you, son…

You’re damn right, Josh. You are “No where”.

“…if I only had a brain….”

He must have been teased as a kid, right?

May I suggest the ash heap of history?

He’s the son Trump never had

Strong Doug Neidermeyer energy here.

Maybe he should run in VA.
Since he doesn’t live here in Mo.

I’m here for the battle between him and Ted Cruz to see who’s the crazier sociopath honestly.

Republicans don’t resign. They don’t step down. They *double* down. They lie. They defy. They gaslight. They grift. They cheat. They incite. And, by and large, they face zero consequences for any of it. In America, clearly, “If you’re a Republican, they let you do it.”

Considering you don’t live in MO any more, but pretend to represent us, please stay in VA.

#Parents stop raising spoiled brats like these.

Sad little man who’s desperate pleas for a hug go unfulfilled

That’s what it should say on your resume pal….your political career is not going anywhere you seditionist piece of crap @HawleyMO

Treasonous, opportunistic piece of shit.

What an ugly little seditionist.

What a little tool

You know, the usual…


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