Josh Hawley@HawleyMO
In the middle of a pandemic & border crisis, President Biden opens the border to non-citizens dependent on welfare. Bad for American workers, bad for the border
12:17 PM · Mar 16, 2021

Pandering to the right wingnut base. Everyone else appears to be much more skeptical. Some of the comments:

In the middle of a pandemic, economic, climate, & border crises, Republicans spend all of their effort on Sedition, Insurrection, implementation of 250+ voter suppression bills, culture wars, attacking the military, and pointless tweeting. Bad for Americans, period.

Immigrants make our country great. They literally create more jobs than they take.

Biden’s border crisis is the over 100 members of congress who illegally crossed the insurrection border and whose invasion is a clear and present danger to our nation…not some brown people who want to pick lettuce.

What do you suggest; if they didn’t help the kids, then you would complain that they’re abandoning the children. The border was already a crisis when Biden came into office and you know that! Why don’t you work with Biden to do something about it?

A republican in Congress help solve a problem? Surely you jest.

In the middle of a session of Congress that the Constitution requires, you did this to incite a seditious mob to invade the US Capitol to prevent Congress from performing its constitutional duty. Resign.

People aren’t going to let anyone forget that one.

Josh it would appear that if this situation was as dire and desperate as you make it out to be then you would and fellow Republicans would close up rank and come together with your fellow Democrats to work on a solution

You’d think.

How many Republicans will be turning down that stimulus check because they think Dems are socialists? I’m a 40+ year Republican but I’m voting Dem from here on out. This isn’t MY Republican Party any more. No integrity, honor or truth telling anymore.

In the middle of Pandemic Republican Governors refuse to follow CDC guidelines. Not sure why you ever think you can take a moral high ground since you support terror and treason.

Don’t forget death. Half a million dead from COVID. 5 dead during his insurrection. And let’s no forget the “good people “ who murdered Heather Heyer.

In the middle of a pandemic, Senator Josh Hawley voted against an aid package to help Americans. He also helped instigate an insurrection and voted to let his main co-conspirator off the hook. Even his mentor has disowned him. Bad for Missourans, bad for Americans.

I really enjoyed watching you sweat and get all nervous recently when asking about cell phone records.

I am sure though, you were asking for a friend.

People aren’t going to let anyone forget that one either.

In the middle of Congress certifying the votes in the presidential election, Senator Hawley beckons to seditious rioters to attack the Capitol. Bad for the safety of Capitol Police, bad for American Democracy.

Somehow Biden is both opening the border and keeping people in cages. In any case, we know you would rather non-citizens with asylum claims got killed in their home countries. It’s so much cleaner that way.

Hawley. Traitor. Liar. Thief. Coward.


Missouri hates you.

Remember that this whole border issue started last fall under the previous guy.

They could never do more damage than you have already done.

That one left a mark.

The GOP got together and decided that a fake border crisis was the fear mongering tactic to use. Hee-Hawley is following along like the insurrectionist sheep that he is.

Man who votes against aid to workers during a pandemic feigns concern.

The thing is he’s not any good at it.

When did he open the borders? As far as I can tell, the only people who announced the border was “open” were GOP politicians and media.

In the middle of a pandemic you were obsessed with Hong Kong, Tik Tok, your book deal, and sedition.

There’s that.

Non citizens are NOT given welfare. Stop lying

Retweets a Tweet with a photocopy of his poorly written letter.

so sad

Trying to distract from your sedition? And isn’t it wrong to lie?

Would rather they do nothing on my dime than what you do on my dime.

So non-citizens who aren’t even here yet are already dependent on welfare? How does that work? The only answer that would make sense is #HawleyIsALiar

Now you’re clamoring about the pandemic?

Ohhh, so the pandemic has suddenly became important. What would Jesus do, Mr. Hawley?

You can’t get welfare if you are not a citizen.

Josh Hawley: Bad for both MO and the USA. Known Seditionist.

Oh my, another strongly worded letter!

Do you ever say the word Missouri?


Pound sand insurrectionist

Seditionist says what?

Illegal immigrants or Republican….meh…I will take the illegal immigrants. Less chance of them attempting to overthrow the government and less chance of them spreading Covid.

So for the past year, you followed Trump in his lying about the pandemic and its severity and participated in his super-spreader maskless rallies. You also supported opening states early. But NOW you are concerned about the pandemic being spread by immigrants? How convenient.

Yep. Sen. Josh Hawley (r): you first, asshole (April 15, 2020)

American patriots need to take the necessary steps to righten the wrong. Thanks for your leadership, Senator.

Is that sarcasm? Parody? It’s hard to tell these days.

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].


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