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Today, from Lucas Kunce (D):

On an old cracked street in Jeff City, Missouri sits a forgotten house. A place I used to call home, full of memories, good times, and tough times.

Growing up, my family struggled. My sister was born with a heart condition. The hospital bills kept coming and my parents eventually went bankrupt.

But then, our neighbors and friends lifted us up. They gave me the chance to make something of myself.

So I did. I went to Yale and became a U.S. Marine to honor those who had given me so much.

But every time I came home, from Iraq and then Afghanistan, things had changed. The community I love had been hollowed out, jobs shipped away for Wall Street profits. The wealth of our state sucked dry by guys like Josh Hawley and Roy Blunt, and their top donors who got rich stripping our communities for parts.

The house I called home sits empty now, but Missouri is still standing. It’s time to Marshall Plan the Midwest. Fight to invest right here in the heartland where we’ve been making things for generations.

We’ll replace the broken system that divides us, break the grip of corporate power, join together black, white and brown,
young and old.

This is where we build our future, on the cracked streets, in the forgotten neighborhoods.

[Lucas Kunce]
[Paid for by Lucas Kunce for Missouri]

This campaign ain’t playing around. They’re good. Lucas Kunce (D).


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