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Yesterday Roy Blunt (r) announced that he would not seek reelection to the U.S. Senate in 2022.

Is that a new header?

This morning:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
President Biden’s open borders, closed schools agenda has created a crisis on both fronts.

It’s simple: We must secure our border and safely reopen our schools.
11:33 AM · Mar 9, 2021

There’s a rumor that there’s a global pandemic which has ben ongoing for at least a year.

As always, there’s much hilarity in the responses:

Fact Check:
Borders are not open.
No school in your district is closed.

But you still have $2,000,000 of taxpayer money you’ve pocketed in the 26+ years you’ve been a politician.

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Show us one statement or policy saying Biden wants schools closed?? Just more LIES from the @gop

The largest school district located in your own congressional district is currently 4day hybrid and transitioning to 5day in-person instruction after Spring Break (when teachers are being vaccinated)…

where exactly are you talking about schools being closed?

But wait. . .I’m confused! Didn’t you and the rest of the Republicans refuse to provide aide to the schools, by not ONE voting for the American Rescue Plan? How “patriotic” of you all!

More schools across the country are open today than since the pandemic began. Rest will open within Biden’s predicted first 100 days. Would be open now if GOP had not sat on the funds for schools and vaccine for teachers. Maybe we need a new Dr Seuss book to explain that to you!

There. Is no reason to take this current version of the republican congress seriously, they tried to overturn the election through force and failed. Seditionists, all of them.

How many school systems in Vicky’s district are still closed? Does she know? Does she realize that one of the biggest school systems in MO4 just voted to completely reopen?

Maybe Vicky should follow Roy Blunt out the door if she is so ignorant of what’s going on around her.

Would be a lot easier to tackle real problems if you Republicans worked as hard to legislate as you did to overturn elections.

Funny schools are under state and local jurisdiction, not the Biden administration. Shouldn’t members of Congress KNOW this?

And she’s a former teacher.

That’s hysterical.

No, that’s just really sad.

Said the closer of schools… In another fear mongering tweet of a lame & dated meme designed to work up the FB crowd. #GetToWork

Handy little meme ya got there. EXCEPT . . . Schools were closed because TRUMP FAILED on corona virus protection and his border wall BLEW OVER! But hey I guess the top 1% are still thanking you for the tax cut.

I can’t take Republicans seriously anymore. They’ve become completely dependent on gaslighting as a way of life.

Agreed – would love to read any whitepapers you have about how to do this and the funding streams for each.
Can you point me towards your policy proposals? Thanks!

That’s covered under “More tax breaks for billionaires”.

My kids have been teaching in class ever since this started. It’s as if you have no idea what goes on in Missouri.

Our school, in your district, has been open since August. Many of the schools in the area have been. Your buddy, Mike Parson, hasn’t even opened the vaccine to teachers in the area yet.

Cass County (your constituents) has in-person & virtual. It’s a choice. Also the border is not open. You had four years & you came up with a wall that’s ineffective. The border problem will not be fixed w/ memes. This is why we can’t take you seriously – you don’t tell the truth.

Sure Karen.

You guys are getting no traction with these talking points.

Nice comment section Vicky

Weird. The borders aren’t open, and the schools aren’t closed unless the state decides it.


Gas lighting for ignorant followers

Please stop making things up.

How many schools are closed in your district? Have you offered to substitute teach for a week in one of them to show teachers how it is done?

What have YOU done personally to ensure schools can open safely for students and staff?

If the President COULD open schools, wouldn’t Donald Trump have done it before he left office? You want to blame him and the unions (even though most teachers aren’t in unions) when the power to open schools is in the hands of superintendents and school boards. Please stop lying.

The president doesn’t open and close schools that’s at the state and district level. So you have voted against the relief plan that will help those in your district. Why is that? Is holding the party line more important?

Under Trump 500000 dead. Under Biden….. vaccines.. monetary help and peace of mind. Drive to the border… It’s closed.

GQP leader is a lier.

Why did you vote against aid to help open schools safely?

Don’t you have any children’s books to whine about?

That’s a lie, as you know, carry on…

Vicky, you’re an embarrassment to the state of Missouri. These are not true and you know it.

Oh, Vicky! The Biden boom is going to reopen America….despite the GQP obstruction. Americans are ready for a real leader.

Do any of you pay attention to your constituents or just search for rehashed QTrumplican talking points?

You guys are nuts

Hey, Vick. Exactly how many schools in your district are closed? Do you have any idea??

Lol! So you’re a simpleton

Is it that difficult to tell the truth? My wife has been teaching all school year. She’s risked her health, and liars like you claims schools are closed. But hey you can make more money by scaring your constituents, I guess.

Maybe ALL the Republicans shouldn’t have voted against School funding for Pandemic response. You never want to be part of the solution.

Don’t you have some Q chat rooms to be in?

You have been reduced to this. Pathetic

That, and trying to name post offices.

Remember those migrant caravans that never materialized? This is why people don’t believe you. You lie as often as you breathe. Can we just have policy and not whatever nonsense y’all are calling governing these days? It’s exhaustingly childish and stupid.

School is open. At the border, for refugees.

You’re an embarrassment. Act like a human being and not a political hack. Show some substance beyond shallow propaganda.

Not gonna happen.

One would think a Rep would know that school openings are left up to Governors and Mayors, not the President. I guess your followers are not bright enough to see you’re a liar.

Absolutely verifiably factually FALSE not to mention gaslighting bullshit.

You voted against the money to open schools safely. You and the rest of the nearly fascist GOP are well to the right of anything you could call “conservative.”

And on and on…

Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].


Rep. Vicky Hartzler (r): “Does not work well with others” (February 14, 2021)