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Ah, we see, the last year never happened.

Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].

Last Wednesday:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
Having only 51% of our schools reopen for as little as one day a week is not a “success.” We should be working to safely get all of our children back to full-time, in-person learning.

As a former teacher, I give President Biden’s plan an F.
9:23 AM · Feb 10, 2021

As always, there was much hilarity in the comments:

Cool. I think you should IMMEDIATELY go teach in a school for a week. I’m sure there is a school in your district needs substitute teachers. Show us how to do it, Congresswoman!

Well, there aren’t any open public town halls scheduled in the district.

What’s that stat in MISSOURI and in the 4th? Maybe you should focus on the people you’re supposed to actually represent… for once.

Are there more than 15 cases yet?

You are a “former” teacher. Any of your kids in school now? How about teachers? You think teachers need to be at the classroom, then they are essential. They need vaccines NOW. Being as a nurse and educator, safety is more priority than education.

My niece & nephew are educators in your district. What is your plan for their safety if you reopen all schools?

Are you willing to volunteer to be a substitute teacher during your break?

And have you helped schools to ensure proper ventilation, spacing, and other modifications? Do you understand that cooperative learning is not going to be achieved with all this in use? Are you adding services and money to schools to take the burden off teachers?

Focus on Missouri teachers (most of whom have *been* face to face with students all school year) and keeping them safe enough and healthy enough to *stay* in the classroom. Can you do that? And get us some vaccinations pronto. Thx.

And did you try to get former president Trump and Gov. Parson to speed up vaccine production and rollout? Not finding any evidence of you doing this or having a plan to help on this front. So you’re basically criticising the Biden admin for not cleaning up your team’s mess.

And an “F” to you as well!! If the GOP claimed C-19 didn’t exist, we wouldn’t be in this desperate situation.

Biden *is* working to get our children back to full time, in person learning. This is a judicious first step. As a former student, I prefer a less partisan teacher.

Vicky: If trump and Parson had taken covid seriously from the beginning (instead of ignoring the danger and politicizing the issue), our state and the nation would be in a much better position vis-à-vis reopening. Parson is still ignoring the problem and you aren’t helping.

Vaccination for teachers = teachers back to in-person teaching full time. It’s very simple logic. And most elementary schools have been in-person a majority of the 20-22 school year. So one more time – vaccinate teachers Tier 1.

This is a complicated issue that needs to go slow. We can never go back to the way it was in 2019. The teachers and every adult that works at the schools should have a Covid Vaccination first. If we can’t at least do this, the teachers will find lesser paid jobs.

Here’s a novel idea, make teachers a priority to get the vaccine.

Bidens team is working on ways to get schools opened safely. Be part of the solution not part of the problem.

Solutions? From Vicky Hartzler (r)?

And as a teacher, you should have more insight to the communicability that occurs in schools. Staff needs to be vaccinated, provided with PPE and have good ventilation systems. If you don’t understand that, then you deserve an “F.”

You want to reopen schools? Get. us. the. vaccines.

I wish someone would ask what the current % of schools is that have students in school at least one day per week.

Babe you had a whole year and didnt do anything except kill 400,000 Americans, and plummet us into recession. Maybe sit this one out?

You as a teacher is a reason to homeschool

Ouch. Still, a good point.


I legit didn’t know this, and based on your politics… I’m kind of shocked. You should know better. What do your former colleagues think of you now, when you work for the party that demonizes teachers and tries to keep them underpaid and overworked?

You should go sit in those classrooms.

trump had months to create a “plan” but like the rest of his Covid handling, his only solution was to just open & push any decisions off to local authorities & proceed without the support of any federal assistance.

You can’t complain now when you were complicit the last 4 years.

I agree. If Congress can remain open, then so can our schools. Opening half the schools is as absurd as opening half of Congress.

Has difficulty understanding simple concepts. Then again, if our schools had the same schedule and vaccines as Congress that would make the point almost moot.

As a former teacher, would you be willing to go back to a classroom unvaccinated?

Our children could have been back in the classroom long ago had trump and the @gop taken Covid seriously.

Instead, hear we are with over 450k Americans dead.

We are in your district and have been open all year. How about getting Mike Parson to vaccinate teachers?

Last week we had for the first time more vaccines administered than deaths. That’s a year after Trump did nothing.
Also I am your constituent…
I do not listen to seditionists that tried to take my vote away.

And on and on…