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On Monday Roy Blunt (r) announced that he would not seek reelection to the U.S. Senate in 2022.

Ann Wagner @RepAnnWagner
It is shameful that Democrats have disregarded their obligation to provide real COVID relief to the American people and are instead attempting to use this process to jam through partisan agenda items. This bill is not targeted, timely, nor tied to COVID.
10:47 AM · Mar 10, 2021

Yes, shameful, that’s the word.

There is much hilarity in the responses. First, from Ann Wagner (r):

We need to focus on solving the critical issues at hand—getting vaccines to Americans, providing relief for our local restaurants and entertainment venues, and supporting those who have been seriously impacted by this pandemic.


Anyway, my family will happily accept the aid offered in the COVID relief bill, and we will remember that you didn’t want us to have it.

Timeliness would’ve been a lot better with a modicum of Republican support.

How much crack does the right smoke?

You are shameful.

It was shameful to go maskless in your district during a pandemic this Christmas (on a carriage ride, no less), and then to allow constituents to die because of your ineffective leadership to provide vaccines and meaningful aid. Talk about shameful. Take some responsibility, Ann.

This bill is the worst nightmare possible for Republicans like you. I feel your pain but frankly don’t care. You don’t understand what COVID did to this country, to families who have suffered under GOP policies for decades.

The Empire Is Striking back. You lost. We won.

Not quite the analogy I would have chosen, but it still works.

You’re lying. The bill addresses both The pandemic directly and the economic crisis that was created by COVID. These crises—made exponentially worse by the terrible leadership of the previous administration—must be tackled simultaneously.

It’s shameful that you, yet again, failed to support your constituents. We lament having you as our representation on a daily basis. We wonder how you sleep while you try to destroy so many lives and hope for someone who actually gives us a voice sometime soon.

There’s that shame thing again.

High irony using the word ‘shame’.

They haven’t. We know they haven’t. Stop lying. You’re embarrassing yourself, and your state.

Quit your damn lying. For once try to represent the interests of your constituents. Your cowardice and corruption are pathetic. [….]

You are so full of it. You are voting AGAINST $1,400 direct payments, jobless benefits, state and local aid, school assistance, and so much more. Why do you hate your own constituents? Why do you lie so much? Why are you so damn worthless, unethical, and corrupt?

Give it up Ann, you lying liar. This bill has incredible bipartisan support everywhere, even with republican voters. The only ones that don’t like it are republican obstructionists like yourself. [….]

Hey, traitor. Here’s the breakdown on the 2017 GOP Tax Bill.
-1.3 Trillion Corporate tax giveaway
-83 B to let heirs inherit larger estates
-435 Billion tax cut for the wealthiest 1% of Americans
You voted to overturn the Democracy. You are a traitor.

There’s that.