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On March 8th Roy Blunt (r) announced that he would not seek reelection to the U.S. Senate in 2022.

Ann Wagner (r) noticed.


Ann Wagner @AnnLWagner
Socialized medicine doesn’t work. Never has, never will.
10:25 AM · Mar 24, 2021

Cue the ratio:

A few *facts*:

– 39 of the top 40 OECD nations have socialized medicine
– Americans pay over TWICE the cost that citizens of those other countries pay
– Americans’ lifespans are 3 years shorter than the OECD average

Why does the U.S. military have it, proud West Point mom?

How do you define socialized medicine? Is the VA socialized medicine? Is Medicare? Is the NHS? How about Canada’s system? Why does the US spend more HC and get worse outcomes than other developed countries? Should people who don’t have insurance due on the street?

It works all over the world. In other news – you’re an idiot.

It’s all bullshit—these fools will talk shit until the cardiologist schedules their open heart surgery. Then Medicare magically becomes something worth having!

If, by “doesn’t work”, you mean socialized medicine shuts out insurance companies and corporations from profiting from illness, prevents cancer patients from organizing Go-Fund-Me requests / garage sales and treats each sick person equally regardless of income, you nailed it.

Nailed it. This is the real reason why conservatives continue to put fear in the hearts of less informed people, the word ‘socialism’ is the scary word. But it’s big corporations, insurance companies, drug companies that keep paying to keep this farce up.

You have absolutely no idea what single payer healthcare means. It works in MANY Countries, including your neighbor to the north – Canada.

“Socialized medicine” is a buzzword your insurance Corps use to scare people off public healthcare b/c most of them would cease to exist.

Today’s ratio winner. I swear the GOP is in a race to the bottom, among its candidates.

It’s not a race if you’re already there.

Except for in Canada, England, France, Germany, all of Scandinavia and pretty much the entire developed, industrialized world.

Okay, now do socialized medical insurance. Also known as INSURANCE.

Why? Because that’s all anyone is proposing, making insurance guaranteed and nonprofit. The medical care itself remains the same – other than being more affordable/universally accessible.

Lies ain’t cool, lady.

It works really well, patients get the care they need without having to worry about being bankrupted. Australian spending per head is 7% of GDP compared with 17% in the USA. And our health outcomes are better. How does it “not work”? Love Australia.

I’d be embarrassed to advertise my ignorance like this.

She’s from Missouri.

There are so many studies on this, Ann. I would post a study, but I know nobody would read it.

USA is the only developed capitalist nation to not have universal healthcare.

We pay twice the avg of our OECD counterparts (most expensive in the world), and we get worse results.

Yes if by “not working” you mean “produces better outcomes at far lower costs per capita” It’s been “not working” in almost every other industrialized nation for years.

I’d be ok with it “not working” here as well.

That’s just dumb!! I can go to a hospital have MRIs, ct scans and it cost me zero! My friend in the US with the same condition paid over $25000 for the same tests, and didn’t have some because she just couldn’t afford it. Where is it right that only rich people survive??

Well, some form of it seems to work extremely well for most every first-world country. So why do you think it doesn’t?

The interesting thing is that with all the countries that you mentioned.
Less is spent per capita on health care than what is spent in the US and with better health outcomes.
That’s because less goes towards profits, corporate bonuses and lobbyists etc.

That is absolutely not true. Medicare is socialized medicine and it works pretty well. Healthcare in Canada is socialized and works extremely well. Healthcare in much of Europe is socialized and yes, it also works well. Make a statement like that and you better have facts.

Well Ann, it works for the most of the world, even many country less developed.
Perhaps you meant, it doesn’t work like in not as profitable for some. Well, it shouldn’t, at the minimum the tax payer will expect return of his money in a decent healthcare system.

There are multiple examples that it does. For Profit healthcare is what doesn’t work. How can you love a system that can bankrupt entire families for a simple procedure? Absolutely ridiculous.

Ah. The never-ever argument. Nationalized healthcare works in most countries in world. The only difference is we want to keep the shackle of workplace/insurance dynamic. Why? Because no one has a better system?
– no one pays more for less than Americans.

You don’t get out much do you.

It’s endless.


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