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On March 8th Roy Blunt (r) announced that he would not seek reelection to the U.S. Senate in 2022.

There’s a scramble in the republican ranks.

Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
Washington DC needs more fighters. Fighters who want to save America. That’s why I’m running for the United States Senate

I’m all in. #MOSen
7:31 AM · Mar 24, 2021

Does Virginia really need a fourth Senator?

Some of the responses:

It’s so odd that people who claim to hate the federal government always line up for positions in it. The last thing Washington DC needs is more would-be seditionists.

Only 20 weeks back, Eric won
a high office for which he had run.
Now we find out Herr Schmitt
to his post won’t commit; ladder-
climbing it seems is more fun. So
from Hawley Schmitt’s taken a page;
he hopes @ericgreitens to upstage.

More fighters? Like the terrorists who started an insurrection?

You were definitely all in when you wasted valuable Missouri taxpayers time and money on lawsuits and objections of votes in other states. We need a Senator who can find MO the map and serve Missourians. Not one who “fights” for special interest groups.

We had enough of the GOP’s brand of fighting on January 6th.

So, why not announce on a local TV station? You are from the St. Louis area and you announce on Fox and Friends? Yeah, sure, you aren’t going to fight for MISSOURIANS. At all. Shame on you.

Follow the money.