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This morning:

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
Hawley: It’s ‘Vitally Important’ To Open U.S. ‘As Soon As We Possibly Can’

Remaining on lockdown for year to get a vaccine ‘is just not going to work, we can’t do that, it will end up being a humanitarian crisis and nobody wants to do that.’

10:12 AM · Apr 15, 2020

Fucking sociopath.

That’s “pro-life” for you – forty or more years of right wingnut fealty to billionaires isn’t enough. Their current profit margins are more important than lives.

As usual, many of the responses are priceless:

That will only happen with fast testing that is available everywhere. When will that happen? How have the Chinese prevented the debacle with testing? It is the Chinese fault, right?

Impatience to reopen will cost lives and hurt the economy. As much as we wish we could go back to normal, doing so before it’s safe will just start the cycle all over again, hurting the economy more.

Be patient.

Some people still cling to the belief that being polite to an idiot will get them somewhere.

And if we had tests, we could. We’d know who actually has the virus, including asymptomatic carriers.

It’s almost as though the Powers That Be want chaos. Sort of like that 2016 interview with Trump….

Wish we could but #GOP bungled response and made the problem worse.


That, too.

Respectfully -will your kids go back to public school or daycare? Will your parents be out grocery shopping? Will your wife resume workouts at a local gym? Will your family go back to church and eat out on Sundays? We need credible examples on what to do.

Wine shopping online.

If we “open the U.S.” too soon, the humanitarian crisis is going to be even worse. Business will temporarily be booming, while people die in droves and end up closing down business for lack of live workers and customers.

Haven’t you been paying attention?

No. This has been another episode of short answers to simple questions.

I’ll go with the medical professionals opinion on what “as soon as we can” means.

Remember @HawleyMO: it is unwise to remove a cast before a broken bone is fully healed.

Why do you trust #TrumpPropaganda?
Why didn’t you demand action in #December, #January, #February, #March and #MostOfApril?
Why did you do nothing, Senator @HawleyMO?
Do you hate Americans?

You know what’s important? Not fucking dying. That’s important. How many have died because they couldn’t eat in a restaurant? Y’all want to believe the Dear Leader that’s your fucking problem. I suggest y’all get together for a big group hug

Why would you care if Missourians die? You only care about your corporate donors and making your #DearLeader happy by agreeing with everything he says.

So it’s a real shame Republicans squandered so much time that could have been used getting it under control, isn’t it?

You wouldn’t be in this predicament if you had removed President Bullshit from office. With competent leadership we could have mitigated this disaster back in January. Even now @realdonaldtrump hampers our efforts at containing and treating this pandemic.

You should head on in to grocery stores and bag groceries 8 hours a day to show us how safe it is to go back to normal…lead by example

He prefers wine shopping.

Perhaps you should be more concerned with your constituents instead of your big money donors.

Killing a few retirees will help save money and help make America great again!

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].