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It’s their world, the rest of us have to live in it.

Roy Blunt (r) [2016 file photo].

Obstructionist, too.

Senator Roy Blunt @RoyBlunt
Democrats claim additional funding is needed to get kids safely back in school.

Congress has already provided $67.5 billion to do just that.
So far, states have only spent about $5 billion of that money.

There are no excuses: it’s time to get kids back to in-person learning.
5:34 PM · Mar 1, 2021

Missouri School Districts and schools got that money? You sure about that? Show your work.

As usual, the responses are insightful:

Senator Blunt, your concern about schools opening is well-taken. Why don’t you go teach for a week in a school with inadequate ventilation and tell us what it was like?

Hey, Roy. Remember when you voted to acquit the guy who encouraged a violent mob to storm the capitol to execute your colleagues in an attempt to overturn the election? You’re a traitor and should resign.

There’s that, too.

It’s amazing how much the GOP is complaining about the American Rescue plan… not enough tax breaks or money for the wealthy in it for you? All the GOP is doing is complaining and trying to spread misinformation, but they never offer an alternative… why, why is that?

It’s in their nature.

How many different “stimulus bad” messages are you going to test?

The stimulus has a 70% approval making it the most bipartisan bill in a long, long time. You should get on board before it’s too late.

Narrator [in the future]: “It was too late.”

@GovParsonMO is sending Missouri’s COVID relief funds to a “consultant” in Virginia to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. It’s doing schools here a lot of good that way, right? MO schools aren’t seeing any of this yet! Protect teachers & kids.

If this is true, I suggest you investigate why this money has not been spent. Otherwise support the American Rescue Plan and stop holding the American people hostage.

The money for schools last until 2023. After that the money will be re-appropriated. If it’s too much we get it back. Do you not want schools to have assistance? Our schools in Missouri are struggling, so where is that magic $67.5 billion?

Senator, what percentage of MO schools are already open? What percentage of MO teachers are vaccinated? This information affects the validity of your complaints.

Hey @RoyBlunt – riddle me this; how many schools are open in Missouri? How many are closed? Why aren’t teachers in tier 1 group A? Seems as if you know Jack [Pile of poo] about your state.

I just wanted to thank you for putting up an inciteful argument based on policy and not “Dems are Evil and Trump is good (Which he is not)” language


You first.
volunteer to be school janitor for first week of school

Vaccinate teachers. Update filtration systems. Make it as safe as possible.

Talk to Parson. Why did he hold onto $$. Don’t blame schools

Vaccinate our teachers first.

Twitter is not working for you lol

Better than Josh. Heh.

Call the Governor of MO and tell him to actually start working, if teachers have the vaccine, schools can open. Roy you are either clueless or you are just lying

So, it’s the Democrat’s fault that states haven’t spent that money?
Missouri is a red state.
C’mon Roy!!!

You ignored COVID all last year because it was inconvenient to your party, and now you want to act like _you_ in Washington know what’s best for all schools?

You have no credibility at all. You know that, right?

Narrator [in the future]: “He was hoping no one noticed. They did.”

Why do you have to lie?

How Much COVID Relief Money Is Left?
JAN 27, 2021


Excluding the recently-passed Response & Relief Act, about $220 billion (17 percent) of the remaining funds are policies that are meant to pay out over time, $235 billion (18 percent) are policies that the funding has simply not been disbursed yet, and $90 billion (7 percent) are from policies where little or no data is available.

As an example of policies that pay out over time, higher Medicaid matching payments to states will have ongoing costs so long as the public health emergency remains, so it will likely disburse over a multi-year period. We estimate the federal government has disbursed $55 billion in additional Medicaid funds so far, while CBO estimates they will ultimately disburse $165 billion. As an example of money yet to be disbursed, there are approximately $170 billion of EIDL loans available — out of $366 billion — for small businesses to apply for.

A final way to look at the funds remaining is by support category. We estimate the vast majority of allowed direct payments (recovery rebates) and 2020 tax breaks has been disbursed or committed, along with most income support spending such as unemployment benefits. More will be claimed as people file their 2020 tax returns and are paid expanded unemployment benefits into March.


This tweet is as tone deaf as you are blind. All but 1% of MO’s schools are back to in-person learning. You hail from a party that blames teachers for all this countries problems and disrespect us, yet expect us to ‘suck it up’ when called upon like this past year. #bebetter

Who in MO is not back in school? MO does not consider teachers as essential workers, starting teacher pay in MO is 49th. Republicans never support money for education. In Springfield we are having school. You Don’t support education.

There’s that.


Sen. Josh Hawley (r): you first, asshole (April 15, 2021)