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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

Yesterday, from the third Senator from Virginia:

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
.@mogop_jasper have been looking forward for many days to being with you tonight for Lincoln Days. But the Senate has stayed in session and I’m still in DC representing our state. I’ll keep on standing up for what we believe – unafraid – and hope to see you soon
11:24 AM · Mar 6, 2021

As usual, there was hilarity in most of the rsponses:

You voted against COVID-19 relief.

You don’t represent Missourians.

Josh, we here in Missouri are so very proud of what you are doing for us. Standings up for what us right and just and fair.We voted for you and have been very proud of you.

And the folks in Virginia?

Most of the people in Missouri I know didn’t, and the ones who did say they feel duped. They especially don’t like they found out he was lying about supporting pre-existing conditions, and conned them about even living here.

Who’s surprised that the party responsible for a violent insurrection that left 7 Americans dead, hundreds injured, ended a 232-year peaceful transition of power and whose own members are now currently under investigation by the DOJ wouldn’t vote for a plan to help Americans?

Personally I’m glad bill passed as I NEED the help! But, I totally agree with the reasons the Republicans are voting against it. It’s not the helping Americans part they object to, it’s the 90% of the bill going to things thst are not covid or people related.

Think about that for just a second.

I got mine, screw you (February 27, 2021)

except for you voted against the relief package after WEEKS of virtue signaling when it was politically convenient. Woj said it best. Resign.

Josh expressed a degree of concern;
about Wray’s probe he tried more to learn.
His hands fairly twitched; his
voice wavered & pitched. Maybe
Josh felt a tinge of heartburn?
Why focus on the metadata?
We very well may find out later.

Senators Hawley & Cruz have repeatedly expressed concern about the idea of the FBI looking into phone records of those in Congress, on & leading up to Jan 6. Hawley in particular has fumed about this “violation of privacy” in multiple hearings.

Mmm… Wonder why…

You voted against raising the minimum, guess you guys really aren’t the party of the working class.

The guy who instigated an attempt at political assassination — is going to celebrate “Lincoln Days.”

This shit writes itself.

This person won the Internets yesterday.

Wait…was Josh Hawley really planning to come back to Missouri?? Guess his sister was going to make up the spare bedroom for him at his “home” in Missouri.

You don’t represent us – we wanted the Covid relief bill & you voted against it. Thankful for the Democrats who passed it. They care. You don’t.

Maybe, and I’m just spit balling, don’t let your party waste 10 hours reading a bill just to be obstinate.

“Unafraid” is an odd word to throw in there…

Unafraid of what? The FBI gathering data on terrorists? Donors abondoning you as fast as they can?

At least you won’t have to pay for a hotel in Missouri, since you don’t have a house to stay at while there.

Here, let me fix this for ya: “Don’t worry, I’ll keep lying for you, and can’t wait to be thanked for it.”

Its your party’s fault it took this long.

Yeah, where is that vote for raising the minimum wage? Anyway, you support insurrection. Just stay at your Virginia home.

You don’t even live in Missouri, Josh

The very last place you represent is Missouri.

Unafraid? To represent a state you don’t live in?

Josh is busy trying to prevent financial help from reaching middle class families so that there will more $ to send to his billionaire donors.

So good to know Joshie cares so deeply for the people he used to live among! He clearly deeply connected! #JoshLies

You don’t represent me. (A Missouri resident.)

Pretty confident most Missourians oppose insurrection.

It’s close though.

Which state? The one where you live?

For what “we believe.” Maybe represent your entire state not just “we.”

There’s that.

Give it up. One termer.

You voted AGAINST the American people

He just tweeted this to another girl, dont believe him

You sure about that?

What are you afraid of? Hmm…

If you were truly unafraid you would not constantly say you are unafraid. #Traitor

“standing up for what we believe”. Is “what we believe” just limited to treason, insurrection, and sedition, or is there more to it than that?

The more you say you’re unafraid, the more we get the impression you’re trying to convince yourself otherwise.

Josh…what is it “exactly” that you believe in…

CERTAINLY NOT the working class. So rich people rejoice, the other hundreds of millions of you go F-yourself

Signed – j hawley

Biden COVID bill passed by Senate.

100% of Democrats supported it.
100% of Republicans who voted opposed it.

77% of all American voters support it and are relieved it passed.

Relief is coming, no thanks to Republicans!

@HawleyMO, are you able to help your constituents understand which parts of this you oppose? Be specific.

Another canned tweet from a deadbeat Senator.

Your no vote on the American Rescue Plan proves you have been lying all the times you swore to fight for $2000 stimulus checks. You and your obstructionist comrades don’t care a damn bit about working families struggling to keep their families fed and a roof over their head.

Y’all voted against the stimulus package so please tell your constituents to return their 1400.00



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