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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].


Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
Joe Biden saying the Second Amendment is a “phony argument” – which about sums up his view of the Constitution in general
12:24 PM · Apr 8, 2021

As always, there is much hilarity in the responses:

How does what Biden did invalidate the 2nd Amendment?

While you are at it, why do we ban almost all civilians from owning a machine gun? Is it a phony argument that this ban is not supported by the 2nd Amendment?

Tell us, Josh.

What does well-regulated mean.

Whatever the NRA tells him it means.

Even in the 2nd Amendment, The word “regulated” appears several times in the US Constitution. Its meaning is clear.
Inciting insurrection is yet another matter and you are
#GuiltyAF Josh Hawley!

Tfw well regulated militia means nothing to you

You should watch this again because that’s NOT what he said.

You obviously believe the Constitution is a phony argument as you were a leader of the terrorist attack on January 6. I guess the saying “It takes one to know one” is true.

Well REGULATED militia. Y’all seem to forget that part all the them. Thank goodness Biden doesn’t.

That’s not what he said but nice try with the clip out of context for more fear mongering. Doing nothing isn’t working

When did he EVER refer to the whole constitution? He speaking about the 2nd amendment and gun laws, don’t twist his words

Josh here doesn’t understand the concept of militia apparently.

…said a guy who literally incited an armed seige of his own government.

Senators that are owned by the gun lobby & incite insurrections can sit this one out

even Scalia said the Second Amendment was not absolute and gun ownership could be regulated.

Were you upholding the constitution when you invited a mob to invade the Capitol resulting in 6 deaths?

“Josh Hawley: The Face of New American Fascism”

“Hawley was the first senator to announce his plan to oppose the certification of Biden’s Electoral College win. Hawley’s action was “motivated by ambition” & to be the first member of the “Sedition Caucus”

you’re putting words he didn’t say in @potuss mouth and you know it full well

@POTUS said that no constitutional provision is absolute, and furthermore that he’s not doing anything contrary to the 2nd Amendment

Why do Republicans have such an aversion to the truth?

Why aren’t you in prison for sedition yet?

Don’t you ever get tired of misleading the American people Josh? Because we’re sure tired of it.
And we’ll never forget 1/6/21.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Admitting you’re part of a militia may NOT be in your best interests right now Joshy.

The new phrase appears to be “minutemen of the state”.

Didn’t they teach you “no amendment to the Constitution is absolute” when you were in law school? How could you have been a constitutional law professor and not know that?

Aww Josh..someday..when you grow out of puberty you’ll understand

Remind me again how many amendments have the word “regulated” in it.


Yeah, that and the photo are gonna keep coming up in perpetuity.


How come they won’t let me have a nuclear warhead ? My right to bear arms is being infringed !!!!

Trebuchet. What it lacks in rate of fire it makes up for in ammo flexibility.

That’s rich coming from the guy who tried to bring down our government.

You’ve finally answered the question “is Josh Hawley full of shit or just stupid?”.
Clearly you’re both!

Well what part of “well regulated militias” is true and applicable to life in 21st century America?

Using old language and obsolete circumstances to justify unregulated use of firearms is phony.

Like if you care about the constitution.


What part of “well-regulated” don’t you get, Josh? And what part of the 2nd Amendment isn’t a suicide pact?

Also, every constitutional right isn’t without limits, even the 2nd Amendment. But you know you that already, Yale Boy. You’re just leveraging white grievance for power.

but josh you’re an insurrectionist that supported overthrowing american democracy. if you think you’ll be remembered for anything else, you’re kidding yourself.

Maybe Josh or some other constitutional scholar can explain why I can’t buy Stinger missiles at Cabela’s. I can see why the 2A won’t let me buy arms that I can’t physically bear, but shoulder fired missiles seem like they’d be covered.

We’re telling you. Trebuchet is the thing.

Your sedition demonstrates your hate for that American document.

Always superficial in your argument; rarely any depth of understanding.

Whereas Hawley has always preferred sedition and treason.

Says the man who pumpfisted the insurrectionists before they stormed the capitol and tried to undo our whole consitutional system.

If you’re so strict about the Constitution then you should resign based on the 14th

Thank you for demonstrating another phony argument. This is fun, do another one

Josh tried to cancel half of America’s votes in the last election because he thought it would be an easy way to kickstart his 2024 campaign.

Maybe he should sit this one out.

Insurrections lecturing about the constitution, that’s rich

What part of “regulated militia” is it hard for you to understand?

People who raise a fist in support of insurrectionists lose their seat at the table. The FBI is comin’ for you, it’s just a matter of time…

That is called broken logic. He said the arguments abusing the second amendment are phony, not the second amendment.

I don’t expect you to be able to manage consistent logic.

All criticism and no action. That sums you up.

Ahh January 6 guy thinking he can speak with authority on the constitution.

We don’t take advice on the Constitution from seditionists.

Dude, you backed an insurrection to try to overthrow the government. You have no interest in the Constitution. THIS is a phony argument.

No. He said there were phony arguments about the second amendment.

Sedition is not constitutional….

Remember that “well regulated” part? You guys always forget that part.

Republicans: “The Constitution is absolute!”

The Constitution: “I have 27 Amendments.”

He didn’t say that. Do better.

Benedict Hawley says what?

Go fuck yourself, traitor.

What does the term “well regulated” mean to you?

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We see what you did there.


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