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Rep. Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].


Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
These hikes could end up targeting nearly one million small businesses and their workers, who will see their paychecks dwindle after years of wage growth thanks to the previous administration.
4:35 PM · Apr 7, 2021

As always, there was hilarity in the responses:

And what is Vicky’s plan for when those same small businesses can’t get any customers because all of our roads and bridges are too far gone to drive on?

You need to see your paycheck cancelled, not dwindled

Where was this concern for small businesses when you were cashing their ppe loan checks??? #Hypocrite

Hey, Home Economics teacher if these small businesses make more money because of Biden’s package which they most likely will no wages get cut but they increase.

Also how can you get on your Soapbox and brag about Trumps wage growth when you lost 3 MILLION JOBS the last 4 years

The only thing we witnessed under the previous administration was another GOP led economic collapse–

Job growth/loss by administration–

Trump = -2,876,000 LOSS
Obama = 11,572,000 GAIN
Bush II = 1,357,000 GAIN
Clinton = 22,994,000 GAIN
Bush I = 2,633,000 GAIN

Dem (16 years) = 34.5 MILLION
Rep (16 years) = 1.1 MILLION

And your continuing lies a deception never falters! You just keep pandering to your donors.

And some of the responses to Representative Hartzler’s (r) previous Tweet:

Why don’t you suggest something better then, Vicky? What’s your grand plan for actually improving things?

Once again you are twisting the facts/misrepresenting the situation. I wish you were more honest in presenting facts to your constituents.

Help or get the hell out of the way


Years of wage growth? What a bunch of lies. My tax rate is 28%. If I have to pay 28% in fed income tax, so should everyone else. Hopefully, the Democrats will get rid of all the loopholes that corporations big & small get so that they pay $0 in taxes. Like my MO employer.

I am for it. Take back that tax break u and the idiot trump gave to the richest 1 percenters and help take care of the middle class

Do you have any idea how much Missouri taxpayers who own small businesses actually pay, @RepHartzler? Because I do. It’s time you paid your fair share.

Reminder: Corporate tax rates were 35% just a few years ago.

Reminder: Vicky Hartzler is a pathological liar.

There you go.