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Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
Honored to meet with the @Missouri_NG 220th Engineer Construction Company who’ve been proudly supporting Capitol Police — special thanks to Specialist Ben Laws and Sergeant Trey Lawrence for their outstanding service during the unit’s deployment. You make Missouri proud
5:28 PM · Apr 14, 2021

He can’t be that arrogantly clueless.

A reminder of why they are there – from some of the responses on Twitter addressed to Josh Hawley (r) documented at Long term memory loss (March 30, 2021):

And a sample of some of the responses to Josh Hawley’s (r) April 14, 2021 Twitter post:

No fist in the air for our troops?
Only the insurrectionists get the fist pump?
Was there any tension, you being the legislator most responsible for their forced deployment?

I don’t know how they could stand being next to you. You’re the disgraceful reason they have to be there.

We’ll never let you forget your involvement in the insurrection.

Same suit and tie

Same suit and everything eh?

Just when I think you can be any more of a tool you prove me wrong.

Maybe if you hadn’t spread the big lie and helped incite an insurrection these service members could be home with their families. I wish you had values, or cared about democracy.

Thank you @Missouri_NG for protecting us against the depredations of seditionists like @HawleyMO

Sorry you are being used as a prop for his PR photo op. You deserve better.

Did you tell them about your plan to remove the fence and make them more vulnerable?

Did you apologize to them for helping to rile up a bunch of lunatics to attack the Capitol? I’m sure they’d rather be at home with their families, but you screwed that up for them.

You still supported a coup against our country

Hey man, why are they there?

Glad they’re helping guard the Capitol from your supporters…

So, the only time you speak to Missourians is if they’re in DC? When was the last time you were in…MISSOURI?

Is that the same suit and tie you wore on January 6th?

Gosh, I wonder why they have to be there

Same suit dude!

Now explain why they’re there, Senator Fistpump.

Did you forget?

Never forget. We will not, seditionist.

Hmm… I wonder why they are there

Josh Hawley joined in the inciting the insurrectionist attack on the US Capitol. Now he pretends there aren’t consequences?

You thought we forgot?

You and your good ol’ boys propping up the big lie are the reason they need to be there in the first place, you should be too ashamed to stand in the same room as them.

Mr. Hawley trying to have it both ways-encouraged an insurrection that killed and injured capital police and here acting like he stands with the nat’l guard that had be called in to protect the capital from those Hawley cheered on. Not fooling anyone Hawley.

Oh, the hypocrisy!

Commemorating the outfit?

Also known as “returning to the scene of the crime”

Ummmm you praised insurrectionists attacking our Capitol and you tried to overthrow an election that you know was legitimate. So I’m confused…

If only they had a senator who did the same. What, no raised fist?

You’re the reason they have to be there Senator, at least have some shame about that.


Did not recognize you without your arm up and fist clenched.

They look real uncomfortable standing next the reason they are deployed

Did you tell them about the sedition and insurrection thingy.


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