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Ep. 48: Break The Cycle of Trauma – with Cathy Alderman (JD/MSPH) from Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

Adam Sommer gives this week’s opening statement about the work to come now that we have moved on to the new administration (2:00) followed by “Let’s Have A Chat” (4:55) with Cathy Alderman from the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. Then a sneak preview of OUR NEW SHOW! “The Flyover View” a news summary show that will air every Friday, hosted by Kevin Smith with several rotating cohosts during this week’s edition of “Talkin’ Politics” with Adam, Sean Diller, Rachel Parker, and Zack Schwartz which includes inauguration talk, cabinet talk, and Heartland politician talk on Josh Hawley, Wiley Price, and Lauren Boebert, closed out by the connection of current Russian political strife with the promise of American democracy.