Yesterday we received separate calls from our local hospital asking if we’d like a COVID-19 vaccination scheduled for a mass clinic today. We had signed up with various local entities several weeks ago. Our immediate responses were “Yes” and “Hell yes.” We were told the location, at a large local church, and given appointment times. We were also given appointments for the second dose – a month from now. We were asked to show up five minutes before the appointment.

Well, we did this morning and got our first doses. The set-up was efficient, with individuals to guide us and check paperwork. I was directed to a table. A nurse told me her name and had me fill out a form. I told her, “You know, thirty years from now people are going to remember your name as the person who gave them this vaccine.” She told me she was an OB/GYN nurse and usually only vaccinated babies. When I later recounted my conversation to my spouse she quipped, “She still does.” I got my shot and band-aid and was directed to a sitting/observation area with chairs spaced at six foot intervals, left and right and front and back. Another nurse took my paperwork and returned with a filled out CDC vaccination card with my name on it. I was directed to sit for fifteen minutes. After that time elapsed the nurse directed us to another table. We were handed several sheets of information and asked if we had any questions. I responded, “Does the microchip have a data cap?” All three nurses at the table laughed.

If you get the opportunity to be vaccinated for COVID-19, take it.