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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].


Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
The message from last night’s GOP sweep in VA and the shocker of a race NJ is crystal clear: voters don’t want what the Democrats are selling. They don’t want parents persecuted, they don’t want critical race theory, they don’t want woke liberalism
7:20 AM · Nov 3, 2021

There is much hilarity in the responses, as usual:

Insurrectionist has analysis.

I’m curious how you determine which elections are fair and which ones should be overturned? [….] Also, are you registered to vote in your home state of Virginia?


Interesting how CRT isn’t even taught in VA, nor in most schools either. But you all found something to try to stir of white suburban voters, after TFG lost them for you. Well played, sir, well played.

Here’s #heehaw running fir his LIFE from the “tourists” on 1/6. [….]

Wait, so you’re saying this election wasn’t fraudulent? What’s different in this one Hawley? Virginia had mail in voting. Aren’t you going to call to have their votes thrown out?

I’m assuming you voted for Youngkin?

So no fraud? Not any? No audits needed? What changed?

Critical Race Theory is part of law school curriculum. It is NOT in K-12 school curriculum and you know it. Stop it. Just stop it.

Parents aren’t being prosecuted. They are attacking and threatening school board members. CRT is a dog whistle for racism. You know CRT is not being taught in schools. Be honest. It’s really not hard.

Every time a person cries about CRT then we all know that those same people work really hard to deceive and impart hate on to others.

As compared to “Woke Fascism”? [….]

Yep. They showed how far we still have to go to achieve equity and equality in the USA. Very disheartening how frightened white people still are today.

It feels like you accept the results of our election results that have early voting and no picture ID required in VA. Interesting.

what is critical race theory?

gross to use the word “persecuted” when talking about the white women flaunting their racism

Josh, can you please provide a list of K-12 public schools in Missouri that you can prove are teaching critical race theory?

He can’t even provide a list of towns in MO since he doesn’t live there

You have no idea what you’re talking about.

What passes for a flatbed truck at “…Yale, I think, or Harvard, one of those, one of those fancy ones…” (August 16, 2018)

the only thing that’ll stop a bad teacher with Critical Race Theory is a good teacher with Critical Race Theory

Dog whistle much?

The message is that fear, lies, and fantasy work better than truth. As you know.

Why were last night’s election results acceptable & those of November 2020 not?

That was a whole lot of words for “they want white supremacy”, Josh.

Tell me what CRT is and where it is taught..

Critical Race Theory is not taught in VA public schools.

The message from last night’s GOP sweep in VA & shocker of a race NJ is crystal clear: voters are falling for the “Freedom vs Tyranny” campaign the GOP is selling. No one wants parents persecuted, CRT isn’t taught in k-12, masks & vaccines save lives, but “Muh Freedom”.

Tell me don’t understand politics without telling us you don’t understand politics…

So our voting system works and can be trusted? Glad we cleared that up Josh!

One question, what is critical race theory?

Or, there were a lot of Republicans who didn’t vote for Trump. Who did you vote for in Virginia?

that doesn’t exist in their children’s schools. It is like y’all are fighting an imaginary opponent

So elections are safe and fair again? Cool.

Ok, so now you’ve got a result you like you won’t be inciting insurrection again? I guess that’s progress of a sort.

Interesting how you’re not talking about the possibility that there was voter fraud and that this election should be vetted thoroughly. So, I guess you now think the election system is working just fine. VERY INTERESTING.

Define Critical Race Theory, please

Who is persecuting parents??

Of course being educated in an liberal elite establishment, you know very well that CRT is NOT taught in American primary schools or even the vast majority of colleges. This is a manipulation by the GOP to scare voters. It works because, stupid.

How’s your masculinity Hawley?

Compensation (November 2, 2021)


Was there an election in Pittsburgh?

The message from last night’s GOP sweep in VA is clear: You really can win with fear, lies and misdirection. Dog whistles affect humans after all.

I’m pretty sure Missouri wants their Senator to live in Missouri. Also critical race theory in schools is a non-issue because it’s not taught to children.

How about now giving all teachers who don’t teach CRT a huge raise, yes? Let’s defeat CRT for good! [….]


What is critical race theory?

Democrats aren’t selling any of those things, Josh.

You should run for office in your home state of Virginia.

“Persecuted”….your victim complex grows stronger by the day. What a sad, weak little man you are.

What do you think critical race theory is josh?

It’s pretty hard to ban something that doesn’t exist, your kids aren’t learning critical race theory in k-12 education. The only way they’d be learning critical race theory is if they were in law school, in which case, congratulations.

And a few more…