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Apparently he considers corporate franchise location micromanagement part of his job.

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].


Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
Are you serious? No @ChickfilA at the new KCI because the company is too conservative…
4:25 PM · Sep 22, 2021

Some of the responses:

The word “conservative” was not used in the story. However, “Not Inclusive” was. Which is true.

If KCI attacked the capitol maybe you’d support them then?

Well, MCI.

Considering that there was no mention of conservatism in that article you are admitting that being conservative means being non-inclusive. Thank goodness for free enterprise.

Conservative? or won’t comply with business hours requirements

You got bigger issues to worry about.

Maybe it’s because people eat on Sunday too.

Have you just said that being “conservative” means not being inclusive? Thank you for your honesty.

Closed on Sunday. Folks need food on Sunday, too

My condolences to the staffer that, during a pandemic, was ordered by the supporter of a violent insurrection that was intended to stop the counting of votes, to Tweet faux outrage about a chicken restaurant.

You don’t even live here so it’s not like you’re gonna be using our airport anyway

We have a looming debt ceiling crisis, a climate crisis, an ongoing pandemic, and a radical right that is still trying to overthrow democracy but sure, ride for your bigot chicken and your culture war bullshit, you moron

Maybe you should resign your senate seat so you can spend your time worrying about fast food options full time!

Don’t you live in Virginia

Do you ever do any actual work?

Only if conservative means homophobic.

Cry more.

This is what you are focused on?

You’re the one equating bigotry with “too conservative” here, you know…

Do you enjoy shooting yourself in the foot this much? Or is any trolling good trolling for you?


You run out of things to do?

A. What do you care what happens in MO when YOU LIVE IN VIRGINIA?

B. No preferential treatment just because they are jesusy. They must have accessible hours for flyers.

C. It’s mediocre chicken at best.

D. You need to resign.

Don’t you have better things to do? We have enough pundits pushing culture war garbage as it is.

I thought Kansas was a red state??