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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

If Molly Ivins…


Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
The Tyranny of Big Tech is officially a Wall Street Journal and New York Times Best Seller – thanks to everyone who has supported and read the book!
6:49 PM · May 13, 2021

About those bulk sales, via the Federal Election Commission:

Amount $64,750.00
Expenditure date February 5, 2021
Dissemination date May 3, 2021
Candidate HAWLEY, JOSHUA DAVID (Support)

[emphasis added]

Heh. “Best Seller”.

As always, the responses on Twitter are priceless:

You do seem to know a lot about tyranny.

Glad you have this big tech platform to say that on

Having your supporters buy cartons of copies you give away free doesn’t make you a best selling author-it makes you a grifter & a literary flop.

Anybody with an iota of credibility have anything positive to say of this? What does this book add to society?

A reason for the existence of remainder bins?

Do you do ANYTHING beneficial for your constituents?

How many copies did the RNC buy?

Hawley thanking the GOP for buying up copies of his comic book to make it look like a best seller. He went on to thank big tech for helping him on his snake oil salesmen tour.

I bet the German edition will sell even better! Sieg Hawley!


No thanks, I’ll have my wisdom teeth put back in and removed instead

“officially” with a nice bulk buy dagger…

Just not true really, but “truth” has never been your strong point

So your book about Big Tech, which you sold on Amazon, is a success by the standards of the mainstream media.

Your shamelessness is awestriking even for a senator.

Congrats on writing books for people who can’t read. Also congrats to your constituents for ponnying up your $174.000 salary while you’re doing promotions tours.


Promoting book on Twitter. Sells books on Amazon. Tyranny just ain’t the same.

Thanks to the Senate Conservative Fund. $65,000 buys a lot of books.

How did you sell the book when you’re being “censored” and “silenced”

Isn’t the NYT fake news anymore? I can’t keep up with you guys.

Oh good lord, who wants to clue him in.

Coming soon to a remainder bin near you.


Bulk buying again?

You have the gift of the grift!

GFYS nazi pig.

What organization paid up to purchase those books?

A Pat Buchanan wannabe

Molly Ivins…

Is this book your kampf?