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He left out the Pledge of Allegiance this time. What’s the matter, too socialist?

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
Liberals at @HuffPost say my bill requiring schools to teach our kids the Constitution, Bill of Rights, & Declaration of Independence is “whitewashing” history. That’s crazy. Those documents ARE our history & the high principles that unite us as Americans are worth celebrating
5:53 PM · Jul 26, 2021

Some of the responses:

Literally no one is saying that, Josh.

They did say Josh’s bill is white washing history, but that’s because of its stupidly narrow focus. Context to the documents is needed. But Josh is also fascist, so expect many distorted truths from him.

So when they learn the founding document states that black people count as 60% of a person, what conclusion should they come to?

You are a disingenuous ass

Yes, I left the Republican Party for many reasons, but it comes down to truth. Since Trump took over, my former political party is made up of people who don’t tell the truth. People who can’t handle the truth. People who rejoice in lying.

I can’t be a part of that.

Are we also going to teach them that Senators instigating insurrections is against the Constitution . . ?

How about a bill that teaches the GOP what a Certified Election means.

We should absolutely teach those things as well as slavery, the Civil War, Jim Crowe, reconstruction and the 1/6/2021 insurrection

My 3 adult kids graduated from MO public schools. You did not. They all learned this material in MO public schools. You would know that if you lived here, had kids in public school, or ever attended public school. Cool it with this hysteria.

You forgot that on 1/6/2021.

Those things are already taught in school. Try to keep up, Hee Haw Hawley.

Josh: *thinking* “what made up controversy can I stir up? Got it: I’ll lie & say kids aren’t taught about the Constitution in school which literally everyone knows that they are”

*ignoring a real crisis* story: “Missouri hospital just hit its all-time high for Covid cases”

You do realize that those are already taught in Missouri classrooms, and classrooms all over America, right? That’s literally the whole point of AP US History. And every 11th grade history class. Sheesh.

Schools across Missouri are already teaching those things. What exactly is the point of your bill?

Just shhh.

You are a lying POS. You helped lead a revolt against our country.

You know what one of my favorite documents is the United States is? The Congressional subpoena. You should get one. Really.

Students do learn about those important documents (did you miss a lot of school??-it might explain some things). I also taught students one of America’s greatest strengths was it’s smooth transition of power. And now you ruined that. Very disappointing.

Okay, come back at us with what they really object to. Nobody is going to believe that anyone would object to teaching the Constitution, Bill of Rights or Declaration of Independence. What else does your “proposal” call for? What are they REALLY objecting to?

Self-Own – if that’s what he thinks “his bill” says, he hasn’t read his bill.

I’m imagine your bill is as vague and selective of this here tweet of yours?

It is.

Will they also be taught about the January 6th insurrection that your traitor ass participated in?

You should study those documents. Give em a good read.

Not sure where you went to school, but all three of my kids were taught these things. Do you ever get exhausted with all the lying?

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