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Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas [2019 file photo].

Last night:

Mayor Q @QuintonLucasKC
I have stuck with CDC guidance throughout the pandemic and today is no different.

I will return Kansas City to a mask mandate indoors based upon national and regional health guidance and discussion with other Kansas City leaders. I will provide further details in the morning.
6:49 PM · Jul 27, 2021

Mayor Q @QuintonLucasKC We cannot ignore the rapid spread of the COVID-19 Delta variant in Missouri—outpacing much of the country. We will do all we can to ensure our corner of this state is safe.

Some of the responses:

So frustrating. People do the right thing and get vaccinated and those that don’t cause masks to come back.

There will not be any enforcement

I really, really dislike masks. I’m vaccinated and I’m over them. But this is the right call as people continue to gauge their comfort level with the vaccine. Hopefully we see more shots and fewer masks down the road…. for now, we gotta keep folks safe.

I voted for you and will vote for you again, but as a vaccinated adult, I absolutely hate this and will shop, spend money in Overland Park instead of KCMO whenever possible. I doubt I am the only one.

You didn’t vote for him, you never will. You shop there all the time anyway.

Good call. You hire a professional engineer to design a bridge . You don’t let the guys at the bar draw it on a napkin .

Use the professionals.

How long will this last? I really want my senior year to be normal. I’ve seen what the class of 20 and 21 went through and how badly it affected them, I don’t want the same to happen to class of 22

Tell that to the anti-vaxxers.

Ya my husband and I were gonna honeymoon in kc but not now

And they said it wouldn’t last…

Thank you for ignoring the giant toddlers who can’t handle wearing a simple piece of cloth.

Thank you. I’m vaccinated but had a positive test. We still need masks until people get vaccinated.

Thank you for leading our city in a better direction because the honor system just was not working here.

Thank you for following the guidance of experts and healthcare leaders in our community.

If you don’t like it then get the vaccine. The more people vaccinated the quicker we can get out of this. Anti-vax babies are ruining this for everyone. Grow up and think about someone other than yourself for a change.

So why did I get vaccinated???

I have 2 littles under 6. I’ll do it so they don’t get it. They cannot get vaxed like me and my wife. MO hillbillies can kiss my ass.

This makes no sense. Masks only protect others from getting the virus. People who have had the vaccine cannot pass the virus to others therefore we should not have to wear masks. This is just a control thing.

Has difficulty paying attention and keeping up.

Glad I don’t live in kcmo..all fear porn to get more people into the worlds biggest science experiment

Thank you for post thinking this. It was getting hard to spot you wackos when you took your red hats off

Risky and Reckless.

I do have a question actually. What is the particle size of the droplet of water the COVID virus travels on when it goes from their sneeze into your mouth?

Slept through school, will never understand science.

This is the right thing to do for our communities. If all get on the same page, we are stronger. Thank you.

Nope. I will support and provide commerce to anyone who opposes this mandate.

Yes, with your billions of wealth.

Awesome! I will keep my spending in Kansas then! I like it better over here anyway!

Has difficulty understanding simple concepts.

I will not, under any circumstance comply.

Some people never get out of nursery school.

Good. Had to be done unfortunately. Its ashame not everyone did their part to end this

Thank you mayor Q. Everyone, please know this isn’t a punishment. The delta and lambda variants are more deadly because they rapidly replicate in our bodies to the point where even when vaccinated, you can still transmit the virus – but will most likely not have severe symptoms

Even though breakout cases are rare (when vaccinated people contract and spread covid), they are still happening. Any amount of prevention could be the difference between having enough medical staff/supplies to help those who do get sick.

Civil Disobedience will rain supreme. I won’t wear one and will enter businesses at will without one

Might want to rein that in a bit. The reign in Speign falls meignly on the pleign. Even better:

Don’t cut yourself on that edge

Thank Mayor Q for your leadership. I know it’s really hard with all the pushback you’re sure to get, but it’s definitely the right thing to get things back under control, especially until we can get our kids vaccinated.

Kc will lose money thanks and so if anyone that enforces this. That’s not what we need

Believes that people can take it with them.

Thanks anti-vaxxers. For nothing.
Why? We have a major major problem that’s actually fixable. Only problem is, it requires a general sense of civic responsibility.

They’d have to have morals for that

Morals for taking a non-fda approved experimental vaccine for a virus with a 99% survival rate?

Slept through school, has difficulty with actual facts and large numbers.

I’m vaccinated. I dont want to mask again. If its because I can spread it to others who refuse to vaccinate, its their problem. Hospitals should just refuse covid cases. Have them go home, see what happens and deal with the consequence. Cant save those who don’t want to be saved

Tempting, but our society is not supposed to be made up of sociopaths. Oh, wait…

Thank you. Who didn’t see this coming? It was just a matter of time. An ugly world we live in where people don’t care about one another and have been consumed with conspiracy theories and hate. What a thankless job you have to maintain some civility.

We never stopped wearing masks. When I go to a public indoor place and 40% are vaccinated but 90% are not wearing masks. The numbers just never added up. Those who have chosen to not be vaccinated are the reason for this.

Thank you for announcing this in time for me to move my birthday party to Johnson County!

Since you’re so popular they’ll really appreciate hosting that super spreader event.

I hate mask, I am vaccinated. That being said, I think you are making the right call, and if this saves lives, even of those who fight it, it’s worth it.

We are all tired of wearing masks, but I am *so* relieved to hear this! Definitely the right call to keep the vulnerable population safe!

It’s reached a point where now it’s simply unfair to those who have done everything they could to not have to wear masks and go back to normal… What do you plan to tell rising seniors who will have now almost completely missed out on their high school experience???

Uh, they’re saving lives and helping prevent the pain and suffering for many others? That should do.

Thank goodness Mayor Q

Thank you. Also thank you for my frail elderly mother and my grandkids who are not yet old enough for the vaccine.

I’m done with this. I’m leaving kc and moving rural. You guys are crazy.

Are you sure about all of that?

Nobody likes masks, but I’ve never stopped wearing one. We need to beat this to ground.

We have the stupid anti-vaxxers to thank for the this. Thanks a lot, a-holes!

WE WILL IGNORE YOU!! Time to stand up !!!!!

You think you’re so big and bad huh? You can’t stand up when you’re on a ventilator, princess

This isn’t what the science shows. Damage to a child’s lungs begins in as little as THREE MINUTES and 68% of children have problems. The damage you are doing far exceeds the intervention.

(The lawsuits will cost billions.)

Wait for it:

That study has been retracted because it used bad methods and measurement equipment.

These babies cant wear a mask to walk in a store for ten minutes while doctors and nurses on front lines wear them for 12 hours plus a day. Who are the real snow flakes?

That’s their job they get paid to do and chose a careeer path in…they’re not going grocery shopping they are performing surgery.

That’s so cute, thinking surgeons are the only people in hospitals.

How is making vaccinated people wear masks going to help stop the spread of the Delta Variant? I’ll wait…

Didn’t have to wait long:

Breakthrough cases. Also immunocompromised aren’t as protected from the vaccines. #leukemia

This has been another edition of short answers to simple questions.

If you haven’t already done so, get vaccinated.

Wear a damn mask.