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“…A Fascist kakistocracy, if you can keep it.”

He’s “disappointed”?:

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
I am disappointed we were not able to vote to acquit @realDonaldTrump tonight – but I look forward to casting that vote next week, and ending this bitter, partisan circus
7:06 PM · Jan 31, 2020

Says the partisan hack and sycophant who can’t be bothered to hear witnesses.

It’s so cute that the junior senator from Missouri thinks it’s over.

Some of the comments:

Just think about all the times you get to go on Fox and talk about how pressuring an ally to investigate a political opponent and withholding crucial information and witnesses are not an impeachable offense. After all, if the President does it, it’s not impeachable.

“The most dangerous place to stand in Washington D.C. is any place between Senator Josh Hawley and a live microphone” – Charles P. Pierce

Impeached forever. No exoneration. The Dems should impeach him again on new charges.

Imagine hitching your wagon to Donald Trump (r) and believing he won’t do the same shit, eh Josh?

Voting for ending free, fair elections so Donald Trump can select himself president like Vladimir Putin does.
Sounds like you expect a patronage position as an American Oligarch out of the deal to vote for acquittal.

I believe your side has the elephants and the clowns.

Your party wants to do it Soviet style – pre determined outcome, attained with no witnesses or evidence. Not one scrap of paper. That does not exonerate DT – he is impeached forever.

In similar fashion, we’re disappointed in you.

To put it mildly.

You also refused to hear all the evidence. I think that’s sad for a former attorney general. Or anyone for that matter.

I’m completely disappointed that I even voted for you. #HawleyHidesTheTruth

It’s only partisan because you choose to be complicit instead of honoring your oath of office

I’m disappointed that you’re my senator. You have abandoned the constitution and your nation in your furvor to acquire more power for your party at the expense of this country and your dignity.

So disappointed you weren’t able to legalize bribery and obstruction?

The only reason it was partisan was because one side decided to double down on the cover up.

You violated your oath of office. Plain & simple.

i am so disappointed someone in your position isn’t taking this extra time reviewing the materials presented to them and seriously, IMPARTIALLY coming to a conclusion they keep to themselves until voting

You’ll never actually be able to acquit because you never actually held a trial. You just let him off like good puppets.

Although you’ll vote for acquittal, he’s guilty and you all know it.

Again, I ask; how did it feel to recite the pledge of allegiance, only to turn around and shred the Constitution?
The circus is nothing compared to the crimes that will come to light. We will not forget. History will revile you, toady.

Well, okay, the first one is a little poem written for children by a socialist minister in the early 1890s, the other is the governing document of the United States of America and is apparently no longer operative.

Look at that!

We have a Senator from Missouri showing he has no intentions of being an impartial juror.

Too bad his seat isn’t up until 2024.

Yes you would take joy in acquitting a criminal and not listening to the people who pay your salary.
@GOP knows trump should be impeached and removed. 75% of Americans know how a trial is supposed to work!
@GOP do not want the American People to hear from witnesses! #GOPCowards

What was your soul worth?

I’ve lost all respect for that darn GOP
And it’s not just because we so rarely agree
It’s their lies and deceit
How they shamelessly cheat
That’s distasteful, disgraceful, disgusting to me

Can’t aquit with a sham trial. 80% wanted witnesses. Only little people have to follow the law.

I’m embarrassed to be represented by you.

The democrats just don’t get it do they? They cannot accept election results unless they win and when they don’t we’re going to have continuous temper tantrums because they didn’t get their way.

Projection doesn’t just happen in movie theaters.

We appreciate that you support President @realDonaldTrump, it’s painful to see this disgusting trial go on another day. Hasn’t he been put through enough?

And, wait for it:


Gives you plenty of time to shine his shoes.

Problematic if you can’t tell shit from Shinola.

You mean you look forward to licking the boots of a corrupt dictator as you abandon any pretense of working for anyone but him. And the Kremlin.

Okay, not Shinola.

The American people are disappointed in you and the 50 other senators that are perpetrating a cover up. What kind of trial doesn’t have witnesses and documents? You are proving just how corrupt our government is and how much of a need there is for us to rise up against it.

tRump is IMPEACHED for life, even if he is acquitted in the Senate. He will still go down is history as being impeached. As @MickMulvaneyOMB would say “Get over it”.

We at least still got the victory knowing he will be acquitted.

“Knowing,” as in pre-ordained? How extra-constitutional. [see also: Pyrrhic]

With all due respect…you might be watching alternative news too much.

I understand your hurry. After all, the truth might come out.

The bitterness will not end with your gift to Putin and transnational crime, I guarantee you that.

“Россия” (Russia) – a variant of the Russian presidential flag.

I look forward to your next chapter in life when you’re voted out of the senate….

Partisan?!The majority of THE PEOPLE would like to hear witnesses.Have this be a true trial.Not the us vs them crap that you and other sycophants are parroting to save your rears.Wholly unbelievable.History won’t be kind to you Josh.The damage will be irreparable.#RIPAmerica

You and your Impeached Leader, enjoy it while you can. Tick, Tock.

If you think Trump’s troubles will end just because 51 sycophants and scaredy-cats cast a vote, think again

53, actually.

I can’t believe ANYONE agreed to leave this Trial open while the Democrats, as they are admitting, want more witnesses and to continue digging. 49 / 51

That is absolutely outragous!

#WeThePeople want you ALL too Get Back to WORK!

That’s so cute. They think that #MoscowMitch keeps the U.S. Senate working.

Its what will happen this week that concerns me.

Well, we are talking about Donald Trump (r) here.

Like it or not – you’re still an irrelevant nobody and no matter how much you kiss Trump’s behind you can bet he’d throw you under the bus in a minute.

Well, we are talking about Donald Trump (r) here.

Let’s hope, Senator Hawley, that you’ll do your part to end the partisan behavior. That means you’ll have to seek common ground and find compromises.

What color is the sky in their world?

If only there was a way you could have made it non-partisan, like actually listening to witnesses, looking at evidence and DOING YOUR DAMNED JOB.

Do you think, like Senator Alexander, that Trump did what Schiff said, but it wasn’t impeachable? Or do you think Trump’s call was perfect?

We could ask, if Josh Hawley (r) ever held open public town halls in Missouri.

Josh doesn’t think. At least not for himself.

He proved he’s just another GOP hack this week.


I’m disappointed to see the GOP continue to put party over country, constituents, and Constitution. The corrupt must be very deep and very wide. #ShamTrial #TruthMattersRightMatters

Follow the money.

Rush to judgement to decide without even considering all the evidence, witnesses. What a shameful exercise.

I could not be more embarrassed of my elected senators right now. Cowards, both of you. This is a fake trial and there will be a fake acquittal.

He may be acquitted in a few days, but he’ll never be exonerated.

This tweet won’t age well. You’ll see it again at election time.

Frame that, and put it up on your wall.

This tweet will come back to haunt you. Get ready. And yeah, history has its eyes on you. So do millions of thoughtful, thinking people everywhere. Craven sycophancy isn’t a good look; nor is shredding the Constitution.

Donnie was impeached…forever and lost the popular vote. You went against the American public too, we wanted witnesses (if just one could have cleared Donnie we would have seen them=this means YOU know he is guilty and don’t care)

Well, at least this gives you the weekend to find a nice scepter and crown for his majesty.

“…A Fascist kakistocracy, if you can keep it.”


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