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The junior senator for Missouri had his delicate sensibilities mussed this evening.

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
Schiff & Co end as they began: insulting senators, calling @realDonaldTrump a dictator, and disparaging the will of the voters
8:11 PM · Jan 24, 2020

Hmmm. A royalist toady. Go figure.

As always, the responses:

Schiff is asking us all to remember that truth matters. You may have forgotten, Josh, but the nation hasn’t.

This isn’t about the 2016 election. This is about a man who betrayed the nation.

Shame you are following him like a lapdog.

Or, a toady.

I’m a constituent. I just called your office and left a message. Your most solemn obligation to this Republic is to vote to remove this aspiring autocrat from office. You’ll be remembered for nothing else.

You did not watch the impeachment. There was plenty of evidence. In a criminal trial this would be a slam dunk.

To oppose these article means you have a fundamentally flawed understanding of American history or governance.

As a veteran, I am completely insulted of your fealty to a man and not our Constution. We want documents and witnesses NOW!

And you end as you began, ignoring all evidence presented and disparaging the public who wants to hear from the witnesses Trump silenced.

At least you’re consistent. Never did your job as AG. Not doing it as our Senator.


You’re not voting on whether or not you’re offended or if President Snowflake got his feelings hurt. You’re supposed to be voting on the truth. Which would be significantly easier to do if you would allow witnesses and evidence.

Why are you protecting this man? He could not be less worthy. Oh wait.. you’re That Josh Hawley.

Truth matters. Apparently it hurts too if all you got out of this is a presumed insult.

You know what else disparages voters? Election interference.

71% of voters want witnesses.
51% of voters want Trump removed.

The will of the voters wanted Hillary.

Well if it walks like a dictator and talks like a dictator…

Oh their FEELINGS were hurt with some words and not at all by the THREAT to their heads CUT off and put on spikes by the person THEY are defending?

Ok… What color is sky on the planet you’re from.

Says the MO Senator whose seat was bought and paid for by Dark Money Super PACs. Lev Parmas donated a lot of money to Missouri campaigns right Josh?

Spoken like a professional bootlicker who didn’t open his mind one centimeter to honor the oath of impartiality he took before the trial. Good luck, @HawleyMO. America heard everything.

Schiff is asking us to remember that truth matter. The Constitution matters. Your president used extortion for his own personal gain. He is a pathological liar. He thinks he is above the law. That is all the traits of a dictator. Too bad the GOP sees fit to cover up his crimes.

As if Trump doesn’t call names, jealous of a 16 year old girl for being picked as “Person of the Year” has derogatory names for everyone that dares to “hand it back to him” when he bullies. So spare the poor, poor pitiful, Trump is a victim BS.

Damn. You are unbelievable. This is America. Trials have documents and witnesses. And jurors are there to look at the evidence and make a call. The evidence is overwhelming. This will be the vote that everyone remembers Remove Trump.

I’m a constituent! “Give America a fair trial. She’s worth it.” #Fairtrial #WitnessesAndDocuments

The wannabe dictator who lacks the insight that suggests he wants to do whatever he wants just like a dictator. Newsflash! The American people are the real jurors!

The voters wanted a criminal for President? That seems odd…
But I guess they did. Trump was a criminal for decades before he ran for President

Omg. I watched the entire close. That *that* is what you took from him is evidence of a juvenile, superficial, and insipid “thinking”. You are the Peter Principle embodied.

truth hurts

if there is only one branch of government, by default the mode of government is a monarchy

You’re a constitution lawyer? You should go back and read the constitution, think you missed some parts.

Trump lost the election by 2,868,686 votes.


Your constituents are watching. What I saw was Adam Schiff and Democrats standing up for the rule of law and truth and the constitution. All I’ve seen out of Republican Senators is whining about having to listen. You are an embarrassment to Missouri.

Yeah, whatever.
So,here’s your chance. Vote to admit witnesses/evidence.Use them to exonerate the impeached president,if that’s what they support.If exonerated,then acquit.
Acquittal 1st,before this process,concedes his guilt and he will never be exonerated.
Uphold your oath.

Truth hurts, huh?
As for the will of the voters, need I remind you that your boy lost the popular vote and that without cheating, he will lose the next election too?

They’re disparaging the actions of a tyrant.

What do you call a leader of a country who disregards the law, disregards his advisors, disdains government norms & simply does whatever he wants because he knows he has castrated the Senate by his bullying? A dictator

Schiff destroyed the President’s defense before it even started. Fantastic work from Schiff, he’s a true patriot.

Quit grandstanding and do your job.

And on and on…

Bad combover. Check. Too long red tie. Check. Orange spray tan. Check. Tiny hands. Check. Cluelessness. Check…


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