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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

Missouri’s junior senator:

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
WH Counsel Pat Cipollone: Overturning 2016 election and taking @realDonaldTrump off 2020 ballot is what Dems are asking for. That’s real election interference
11:22 AM · Jan 25, 2020

He really thinks everyone else is that stupid. Royalist toady.

There was much hilarity in the responses:

Fun Fact: If Donald Trump is impeached, Mike Pence, who was on the 2016 Republican Presidential ticket, becomes president. So, NOT overturning an election.

This is about 2020, not 2016, and the president’s attempt to tamper with it through Ukraine by extorting a conspiracy theory investigation, or at least an announcement of the same. Bring on the witnesses and documents so we the people can hear the full truth.

Impeachment is in the Constitution for those who grossly abuse their power. Trump was what the founders had in mind when they gave it to us. If a president can’t be indicted, misuses his power to rig elections, he must be impeached.

Must be afraid of #HeadsOnPikes. or just a sycophant. Either way is chickenshit.

No pressure, right?

this is why you’re on twitter gaslighting while @clairecmc is on a panel analyzing. the contrast of your emptiness with her competence is overwhelming.

That’s literally the remedy in the Constitution, which I believe you swore to uphold.

In the interest of trying to understand you, what is it exactly that you like about Trump?
His tax cuts for the wealthy? His ignorance of science? His adultery? His handling of N. Korea and Iran? Emoluments? Flynn and Manafort?

… I just want to know.

Politicians have had to leave office for wrongdoing even though they were duly elected by the people. These removals do not negate election results, they are punishing the officeholder for their actions. Ask Rod Blagojevich.

So you are a lawyer who supports crime?

Please answer this question @HawleyMO !

It is NOT “overturning the 2016 election.” Pence would be president, not Hillary. All the legislation, appointments, and judges would still be there. It is a Constitutional process and should be taken seriously.

No dude ‘overturning the 2016 election results’ = riots in the street. This is an Impeachment Trial. Right now you just gotta sit still and be a good boy.

No Josh, that’s protecting our democracy.

Josh is so thirsty to be the top lap dog.

Oh pullease. It’s called checks and balances. Try it.

Missourians are asking for a fair trial with #WitnessesAndDocuments , Senator.

They’re asking for accountability.

Condescending blathering…

Pence would take office. It’s not like Merrick Garland.

If any of us acted like Trump at our place of employment, we would be fired. Adults in the professional workforce general have to adhere to a copmany’s Code of Conduct. If we lie, cheat or steal – we get fired immediately. Trump should be fired.

This sounds like the occupant in OUR house is throwing out more nonsense. Pretty sure our WH is used by a group of squalling toddlers. NOTHING presidential comes out of the WH.

Today is the day that Trump’s lawyers transform into Baghdad Bob.

Nothing to see here just a divine, caring, faithful, man.

It’s Bidens fault.

Trump is always grabbing the GOP by the p**sy.

Let’s be clear. If @realDonaldTrump is allowed to get away with inviting foreign governments into the American elections. The 2020 election will be stolen again.
Just ask Merrick Garland.

How is this undoing the 2016 election? If Trump is removed from office, Hillary Clinton will not be president. Mike Pence is next in line to the presidency.

That’s so ignorant.

How did you get to be a US Senator with such silly unintelligent logic?

Privilege? Just spitballing here.

Parrot that new party line. He lost the popular vote, remember?

Not the winner of the popular vote…he brought this all on himself.

It’s similar to saying that conviction and imprisonment of a murderer is interfering with the
Murderer’s freedom and liberty.

You were an attorney general?


Just stop sycophant!

Oh god. What a fool.

As a Constitutional lawyer you obviously don’t believe that?

You are saying the Framers made an error adding the Impeachment clause into said document.

So, Senator Hawley, your argument is that we should allow the president to coerce foreign governments to help him cheat in the next election because hey—he’s already on the ballot?? Would a President Pence really be worse than allowing Trump to blackmail Ukraine?

So much for the he didn’t know Lev Parnas.
Are we shocked he’s a liar, not really.
Are we shocked Republicans stand for nothing not even the rule of law, nah, kinda expected that too.
Remember when being a CROOK in America meant something?

Holding the POTUS responsible for attempted interference in the 2020 election is the same as attempting interference in the 2020 election? Did you teach circular reasoning in your Constitutional Law class?

You are, without a doubt, the stupidest person in the Senate.

You don’t overturn an election when the ELECTED Vice President becomes president after a criminal is thrown out of office, you disingenuous blowhard. Try to use your powers for good sometime, wouldya?

Ahh. Come on Josh… you are not really that dumb.. are you?

So tired of hearing “overturning an election” crap. Are Republicans Senators really this stupid? I would say no, just using it to manipulate the ignorant and partisan. Do you guys really hate Pence that much?

No Josh, that’s crap. Learn the difference or resign.

Fascist Constitution-hating apparatchik.

You need to resign if you really believe that.

Proven election inteference in 2016. Proven election interference in 2020. But yeah let him do it again… maybe you should read the constitution for the very first time and take your head out of trumps ass.

Wow- you’re stupid. Impeachment is in the constitution. Holding a president accountable for their actions isn’t election interference boot licker.

Hey Hawley, afraid your head will end up on a pike? You’re a coward.

Bad combover. Check. Too long red tie. Check. Orange spray tan. Check. Tiny hands. Check. Cluelessness. Check…


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