Wait, isn’t he supposed to be in his seat paying attention? Just asking

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

This afternoon (during the Senate impeachment trial):

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
WOW, House managers make extended argument that Hunter Biden’s work w/ Burisma entirely appropriate & no conflict of interest w/ Joe Biden getting rid of prosecutor that had jurisdiction over Burisma. If we call witnesses, gonna need to hear from both Bidens
2:22 PM · Jan 23, 2020

And, there is much hilarity in the responses:

The Republicans had a majority in the US Senate for years. Why haven’t you issued subpoenas for any of those people in all this time? If this is a legitimate concern, hold a hearing, call witnesses, and/or give the evidence to the FBI. You don’t need the Democrats permission.

How about calling Bolton?

Call Bolton, Pompeo, Mulvaney, Trump, and Pence and let’s see what they all say under oath.

We really need to hear from Bolton. And Trump.

WOW! This has been explained so many times even the folks at Fox get it. For someone who thinks he’s so smart and never shies away from letting everyone know it you sure are dense.

So you’re saying you want to hear from Bolton and Mulvaney about what Trump knew and why he took the actions he did — and also Rudy. I agree. Let’s call ’em.

Yes, and you need to hear from Millard Fillmore, Frederick Chopin and Paul Bunyan’s left testicle. Let’s get to the bottom of this so JFK Jr. can finally come out of hiding.

That prosecutor wasn’t investigating Burisma and you’re well aware of that.

Let’s do it. You get the Bidens. We get Bolton. Mulvaney. Pence. Perry. Parnas.
Feeling lucky, punk?

You mean you stayed for some of the testimony? You weren’t busy doing an interview, for which you should be prevented from voting. If I were a juror in a local case, I’d be in jail tonight.

Well, we did get a Tweet.

Do it then?

Ivanka Trump’s resume :

1. Denied Security Clearance
2. Failed Clothing Line
3. Inauguration Fraud Lawsuit
4. Almost Indicted for Condo Sakes Fraud. Bribe was paid
5. Used her position in the WH to gain trademarks from China

But let’s investigate Hunter

Classic. Bolton, Mulvaney, Pompeo, and more have actual info on these two articles of impeachment and you want to shift to the Bidens. If corruption was the concern, why didn’t Spanky use a real law enforcement agency? Why a “personal” lawyer?

That prosecutor was so corrupt, the rest of the world wanted to get rid of him (except for Putin). If it *was* corruption, why just focus on one company? How stupid do you think we are? If AG Barr thinks there is something, he can and should investigate.

You have constituents watching. You can’t gaslight those who are watching. If you are serious about your job, you should want to call witnesses and have documents to have a complete record. Have a fair trial. If the President is acquitted after a fair trial then so be it.

Cool now do the current administration

Bring everyone in and put them on the witness stand including the POTUS. Stop acting like a coward and call witnesses. You don’t want to do that because you know POTUS is guilty.

Hey dipshit. Uphold your oath.

If you’re saying you need to figure out whether Trump had a legitimate motive than the witness to call is Trump. Because anything Joe or Hunter Biden could testify, but that Trump didn’t already know isn’t relevant to determining Trump’s motive.

I am a suburban mother from West County STL and you sir, are entirely out of touch with what your constituents are looking for from their Senators. I have been watching and it is very clear that we need to see documents and witnesses for this trial to considered fair!

So..they aren’t on trial here. Trump is…not following your logic.

In that case, you should call Trump as a witness, since this is his trial. I’m sure he’ll be happy to, since he is so innocent, right? It’s not like he will lie under oath or anything.

The question is did Trump have sufficient evidence & any reasoning for asking a foreign power to announce an investigation.
The Bidens’ don’t know what evidence trump had.
You should call trump, who said he wants to testify, to provide the evidence he had.

We need to hear from members of the international community regarding the removal of the corrupt Ukranian attorney general for the story that the Trump Republicans keep twisting and lying about.

I can’t believe they are impeaching President Hunter Biden!

We see what they did there.

The logic of a twelve year old with something to hide. Trump is on trial, the American people demand fact witnesses, not a dog and pony show.

Bingo! We have a winner.

“Constitutional lawyer” my ass. Maybe he should ask for his money back.

That means you’ll have to hear from all the Drumph kids, too. Y’know, since conflict of interest is such a big deal for you.

They’re bluffing, they wouldn’t dare call the Bidens

If any witnesses are called, trump’s going down.
The defense is going to be short and sweet, trump didn’t do anything impeachable, case closed

We The People are the target audience for @RepAdamSchiff

Translation: “Look over here! Pay no attention to Trump’s corruption behind this curtain! Here’s someone to blame!” Trump’s only wanted, & still wants to taint a 2020 rival with everything Trump’s guilty of. How did Ivanka & Jared gain $137M with White House jobs last year?

We all paid for that.

Why? The ONLY reason Trump asked about the Bidens was to get Ukraine to announce they would start an investigation which, genius, they didn’t even have to conduct. Not ONCE did Trump mention corruption. He abused his office to get dirt on an opponent.

Ok Josh, I am a Dem go ahead call them, then we get Bolton and Giuliani and Mulvaney and Blair

Biden: US Policy
trump: self interest

If you don’t know the difference, you shouldn’t be a senator.

He’s a “constitutional lawyer”. It says so on his Twitter.

Do they know about trumps corruption. If they do fine otherwise you are being disingenuous.

How’s the weather there in Moscow? You propaganda spewing buffoon?

Not certain who that was addressed to.

Duh, that’s not what they said. They said Biden was doing his lawful job as required by US policy and the wishes of our allies.

Why aren’t you in the chamber doing your damn job and listening to the testimony? You should not be permitted to be a juror. #DoYourJob

He’s special entitled.

My god you’re awful. Biden did what our country, the EU and the IMF asked him too. Trump extorted an ally directly against our interests.

Did you tweet this while presentations were under way? Wouldnt want to violate Senate rules for impeachment proceedings, Josh? Wait you went on Fox yesterday when you shouldve been on the Senate floor!

But, let me guess….. you don’t want to hear from Bolton, Guiliani, Parnas, or anyone else with firsthand knowledge of what went on. You guys are disgusting.

Yo, Josh, why did Nunes and his staffer, Derek Harvey, want oppo on Amb. Yovanovitch? What was Nunes going to do with it? Why aren’t you calling Nunes to testify?

Bring it, wanksplat. By all accounts, Shokin was in office to promote corruption, not fight it. He wasn’t even investigating Burisma.

It doesn’t appear that wanksplat is a term of endearment.

The Bidens aren’t being impeached. The orange despot is. Pay attention.

what conduct of the President did they witness?

They are not on trial, you fence post

We will also need to hear from your Senate colleagues Rob Portman and Ron Johnson to know why they supported removing Shokin as general prosecutor in Ukraine. They are witnesses, and must testify!

Sekulow and Cipollone are both witnesses. What will you do about that? Call them? Depose them?

Bolton, Perry, Pence, Pompeo, Mulvaney. What about them?

Biden was echoing U.S., NATO and IMF policy – it was also aligned with the GOP’s stance – namely Senators Johnson and Portman. Probably why they say Biden is good

*if*. All of the sudden after they baited you into calling witnesses you’re too chickenshit to do it

WOW! Sure.

And the President, of course. Of course, right? Because he would have to answer questions about whether he held funds because of corruption, or to get dirt on the Bidens.


So go ahead. Make our day. If you think it’s a bluff call him. Only makes us stronger. It’s lose-lose for you.

That prosecutor, who was actively not investigating Burisma? Who was totally corrupt? Who was to be replaced with a prosecutor who would do his job?

So you want Trump, Pence, Pompeo and Bolton to testify, excellent.

In the real world we know that’s all debunked nonsense, but it sure plays well with the rubes.

Lying is a sin, Senator.

It’s so quaint that someone believes he cares about that.

Republicans. Relying on the stupidity of their base, every minute of every day.

Unforced error. Assumed facts that have not been investigated. Will need to be evaluated if they’re to be decided upon. Opened that door wide. Unintentional tho?

You need to study up on the legal concept of relevance.

But, but he’s a “constitutional lawyer”. It says so on his Twitter.


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