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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

Last night:

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
What have I seen today? Lots of grandstanding – but nothing new. It’s the same old talking points recycled over and over. Team Schiff simply has no evidence to convict @realDonaldTrump
7:33 PM · Jan 23, 2020

As always, there was much hilarity in the responses:

You voted 9 times to block new evidence and witnesses. Remember? It’s the witnesses and documents the president blocked from the House investigation. But nice try, liar.

So much for Josh Hawley (r) complaining about evidence when he voted to not see any.

Maybe call witnesses you corrupt idiot. What do you have to lose if you think Trump is innocent? You have no good answer for that. Its not national security. Trump just taunted that he’s got the materials.

Senator Hawley does not want more evidence.

No amount of evidence can persuade Senator Hawley to do what’s right for America.

Senator Hawley only cares about what’s right for himself.

What’s right for himself is to pander to the Trump base.

They hold the cards in the GOP.

I live in Missouri, but I do not consider Josh Hawley OR Roy Blunt my senators. They seem concerned only with covering up a corrupt government and preserving their own political hides.

Josh Hawley thinks it’s ok for a foreign government to interfere in our election, and to think once Missouri had the great senator Harry Truman. Now we have to Senators that have sold out to corporate America.

What I’ve seen Elite Boy, is a brilliant layout of all the actions used by POTUS to coerce an ally to do his bidding regarding his bogus claim against the Bidens. He, Mulvaney, Ghouliani have all admitted it in public,on camera multiple times. Also noticed you too took Lev money.

Mr. Hawley…

Who exactly are best served w/ your predisposed words & stance? The law? The Constitution? People of Missouri? Any of the oaths of office you promised to support & defend? Nah. So far the only loyalty you exhibit is towards your dark money campaign donors.

Yeah, go on @MSNBC and try and get away with that crap.

You’re complicit.

And when it ALL comes out (and it will), we will remember how you chose to look the other way.

This situation is exactly why principled leaders have core values.

You & the GOP have failed spectacularly.

You’re all just covering up. Gaslighting. Destroying the rule of law. You’re just a thug. Sold out the country for not even that much money. He did it on television. We saw it. Traitors really don’t have happy endings.

Looks like you’ve made up your mind to cover up for the worst president in the history of our country. Not only is he foul, incompetent and demented, he’s also a career criminal. Go right ahead and side with that man, I’m sure it’s going to work out great for you!

Really? You see no evidence? How about the evidence that Donald Trump used our TAX DOLLARS for his own personal political benefit. Who pays for the salary for the ambassadors who were told to “work with Rudy”? We do. Who pays for the military aid that Donald Trump used to Leverage the Ukraine to do him a personal favor? We do. If you are not going to be a good steward of my tax dollars, you need to resign.

Trump must be held accountable for his actions. You are ignoring the facts to suit your partisanship.
You have no business being a U.S. Senator.

Where you even there? 21 Republican senators skipped out. Since Republicans control the cameras, we can’t see the half-empty room.

One splinter. How do you square Trump using his pers lawyer, who is not a gov’t employee and does not have SECURITY CLEARANCE, as a liaison to request a foreign govt investigate an American citizen/ political opponent when he heads worlds finest investigators, FBI?

Josh, when #45 conditioned the release of aid on President Zelensky making a statement that Ukraine was investigating Burisma/Biden and 2016 election, that was a bribe. When #45 released the aid because he was ‘caught’, his illegal conduct was attempted bribery.

You say “nothing new” yet you refuse to allow witnesses to be called and documents subpoenaed. #coverup
@senatemajldr #CoverUpMitch

Actually they have him dead to rights. You’re just a craven opportunist who would follow Hitler if it was politically expedient.

A reminder, Godwin’s Law has been suspended for the duration.

Trump was just bragging about how he was withholding the evidence!

Any impartial juror would find that disturbing, Senator.

Voted against hearing from witnesses with firsthand knowledge and then complains the he heard nothing new

Listen to the evidence and protect our Constitution. The evidence is there and it’s being shown to you #showmestate

“You heard nothing new” says the GOP senator who voted 9 times to avoid hearing anything new! #CorruptGOP #embarrassing #ConvictAndRemoveTrump

Hey Hawley….this Missourian wants to see the evidence and hear from the witnesses. Do your Constitutional job. This is the Show Me State….so show us!

There’s plenty, and more available, if you’d use the subpoena power to bring in witnesses. You fear the truth, though, and stick your head in the sand.

Quit trying to gaslight . Missouri voters are smarter than you give us credit.

LISTEN!!! I’m your constituent, and I demand that you listen to this trail! How dare you skirt your obligation to us!

You were sleeping and dreaming that you were watching Fox News if that was your take away. Do some stretches, have some coffee on your breaks, and pay attention to the actual information in front of you. Then make a statement. Thanks, from MO

Let’s see … you voted for no new evidence or witnesses. But more facts were presented. If you’d bring in the documents and witnesses, you could get corroboration or exoneration on those also.

Oh, there’s evidence and testimony. Your MO constituents want to hear it and see it. You should too, sir. That is what representation rather than loyalty to party looks like.

If that is what you think then you must have been one of the 23 republicans that left their seats and left the senate completely. Because what I saw and heard was a very compelling argument against an impeached president.

Another day, another night on Fox News. What have you done for Missouri lately?

I don’t know if the President needs to be removed but your lack of concern for his behavior is proof you aren’t representing the character and values of Missouri.

It’s the same evidence as last year.
That suggests Trump asked a foreign power to gelp his campaign. Don’t you want to know what really happened? Then ask to hear from witnesses close to Trump.

Get off your iPhone and do your job.

one of your constituents

Well now that’s dishonest of you to say.

Maybe if you could stay in the chamber and listen might help!

Feels like maybe you should have voted to allow that new evidence. Or witnesses.

You’d think.

Which foreign nations are you going to solicit help from in your next election?

So we’re good with getting foreign help in our elections now? Noted.

I think it’s great. You should have to hear it over and over and over again. The whole truth will eventually come out. You will not be able to deny it when it does.

Then give them the documents and witnesses’. As a lawyer, you know this!

That’s “constitutional lawyer” to you.

YOU AREN’T LISTENING!!!!! Want new evidence??? Allow for all the documents and new witnesses!

Are we watching the same thing?

I am now dumber after watching the democrats speak

Must resist commenting…must resist commenting…must resist commenting…

It’s not too late to get on the side of truth. Vote to actually see the evidence you claim they don’t have. If it isn’t there, what are you worried about? #GOPCowards

Complete BS. You voted 10 times to reject seeing new evidence. #ImpartialJustice #WitnessesAndDocuments #CountryOverParty

With hot takes like this, I’m not sure how you even won a mock trial.

#TruthMatters and we know that a fair trial with witnesses and evidential documents will get us there. You’re not listening Josh.

Not true

You complain about seeing nothing new after voting not to allow anything new. and you think your constituents don’t see that? well your buddy Trump has announced that he has all the evidence so maybe ask him.

how did you ever get through law school? did you buy your way? you are the one grandstanding, chuckling like a loon and acting like a clown. there’s a mountain of evidence. you better hope your crack pot team have more than nonsense

Step 1: vote 11 times to make sure no new evidence or witnesses are admissable.
Step 2: complain that there’s nothing new.

Your complicity and corruption are pathetic.

Trump hurt our elections and national security. Stop whining and grandstanding; do your job and convict.

Well let’s see, there’s the constitution (I think you and the president are supposed to defend) the rule of law, morality, integrity, country before party and this little thing called self respect. Anyone or all would motivate a person with a beating heart to pursue the truth.

As a constituent of yours I am offended. If by the ‘same old talking points’ you are referring to the mountain of evidence brought about by courageous witnesses then yeah, you’re absolutely correct. Stop insulting the people of Missouri with your bias.

I’ve been a Republican my entire life. I fear what the Ds will do with the presidency and both houses of Congress, but corrupt liars like Trump and you are making it happen. There’s a mountain of unrebutted evidence, you little weasel.

Want to see something new? Ask for the documents being blocked by the WH. Want to hear something new? Ask for witnesses to testify. But you don’t want that. You don’t want the truth. You don’t care about anything except your own personal gain. Sounds like someone else we know.

Same old talking points?

You disgusting shill for smarter fascists than you. Those “talking points” prove the impeachable offenses by your Chief GOP Criminal, and the reason for conviction.

You need to be removed from office. You are complicit in enormous crimes against us.

And on and on…

“Faux News channel, fascist groupies” – protest sign, circa 2003- 2004.


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