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Uh, the U.S. Senate hasn’t voted yet. Literally.

Jason Smith (r) represents Missouri’s 8th District in the United States Congress. He has priorities.

Missouri’s 8th Congressional District:

Missouri 2908
Congressional District 8

People Below Poverty – 142,608
People Below Poverty – percent – 20.1%
People Below 185% of Poverty – 295,331
People Below 185% of Poverty – percent 41.7%

Children Below Poverty – 44,546
Children Below Poverty – percent – 27.7%
Children Below 185% of Poverty – 86,053
Children Below 185% of Poverty – percent 53.5%

Yesterday, a priority from Representative Jason Smith (r):

Rep. Jason Smith @RepJasonSmith
Dear Nancy,

Thanks for wasting five months of our lives.

Very insincerely,
Literally everyone
6:45 PM · Feb 1, 2020

You think he gets the insincere part, too? Nah. Some people never get out of junior high school.

There was much hilarity in the responses:

I’ll never forget how you supported the criminal President. It will haunt you when everything comes out.

Apparently, also, someone named “Kurt Rusel” is some kind of self-described constitutional scholar or something.

I think Missouri deserves a representative that does not dwell in a hyperbolic world and focused on the real world issues of Missouri and US . . .

It would be nice if he also understood what”literally” means.

These are not the comments of a leader. You’re failing MO. I’m planning to vote for @ellis4congress!

Kathy Ellis (D) [2020 file photo].

Dear Jason,

Thanks for proving you’re as corrupt as the rest of them.

Literally everyone

Actually, not everyone. Including many you represent.

You’re a disappointment.

Dear Jason,

You have yet to hold a town hall.


Do you read the responses to your tweets? Does your family? Does anyone? I’m guessing not because you are somehow not picking up what people are laying down.

Exposing a Republican Senate as rejecting their Constitutional responsibility and embracing an aspiring dictator was time well spent. It showed the American people how easily democracy can be corrupted.

There’s that.

It’s not like you were doing anything else

No. Thank YOU for wasting a seat in Congress.

Unconstitutional Conservative

There, fixed it for you.

Very sincerely,
The dying Republican Party

Agree with you: we should be grateful for Nancy and the Democrats representing the majority of Americans, to have impeached Trump (forever) and exposed the republican’s corruption and betrayal of the constitution. You’ll check the bill in November.

A U. S. Congressman who literally doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “literally”. Great.

Dear Jason,
Remember Benghazi?
Literally, Everyone

Wow you’re so funny. Maybe you should tour with that funny Huckabee fella.
On a more serious note, you can’t resist sucking up to trump, every chance you get. You are a fraud and it will all catch up to you.

Dear Jason,

Thanks for not caring about defending the Constitution of the U.S.


I can see how defending the constitution is baffling to you. Your entire party is corrupt. Cheat, lie, steal. Everyone connected to that mobster is dirty.
#DirtyGOP #CorruptGOP #ShamTrial #NotExonerated

Dear Smith,
Senate Republicans literally denied hearing all witnesses and relevant information. Are their limits to corruption?

Dear Mr. Smith,

Thanks for letting us all know that you are on the wrong side of history

A voter.

P.s. signing a letter with “insincerity” is antithetical to your point and is behavior unbecoming a US representative.

We noticed that, too.

You are a joke.

Literally? Jason, do you know what “literally” even means?

Dear Jason,
Thanks for the #CorruptGOP not upholding their oaths of office, their abdication of duties fully known by 75% of Americans.

Not this one…you don’t speak for everyone you egotistical maniac, not even close.

You are a waste of taxpayer dollars.

Trying to save our constitution is not a waste of time. Apparently that Rep in front of your name doesn’t necessarily mean you have a brain.

Very classy! Reinforced as an idiot

Except for 75% of the country bigot #GOPCoverup

When are you folks going to bring us together ? You will lose the next presidential election so drink up now buddy because it’s all going to change bye-bye.
75% of the country wanted witnesses which country do you live in? Russia? Good lord Jesus is watching your dumb ass.