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Mark Alford (r) [2022 file photo].

Yesterday evening:

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Mark Alford @RepMarkAlford
The Chinese Communist Party and their invasion of U.S. Airspace is the most critical national security threat facing our nation today.

I went to the house floor to talk about it [….]
5:32 PM · Feb 6, 2023

Dude, it was a balloon. It was brought down. We’re getting all the parts. What did the former guy do?

Some of the responses:

[….] I’d go with the active proxy war being waged with Russia. But yeah the balloon hurt my feelings.

Mark, your judgement is flawed-never served in the military-new to congress-your experience is very limitedas anchor on a early morning TV-be aware that you are not in any way qualified to ID national security threats – listen more – TALK & TWEET LESS

Yeah, nope.

You are an unserious [….] clown who needs to find a new grift

There are words for what you did on the House floor.


MAGA Domestic Terrorists in Congress is the greatest danger.

Risky and Reckless.

@RepMarkAlford mistakes Chinese Ballon as most critical threat. He fails to recognize that failing to support increasing the debt limit will wipe out American families – wants to raise tft one left a markaxes on the middle class again & destroy Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid.

A balloon is the most critical national security threat? You’re no better at this job than the last one

Vicky Hartzler (r) [2021 file photo].

That last one left a mark.


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